Needed or one more addition to sell cell phone?

Needed or one more addition to sell cell phone?


Finished in Mobile World Congress we have analyzed some small details that we noticed and went unnoticed.

The iPhone X succeeded; without having an appearance at the fair; Be one of the protagonists of Barcelona. The reason? You guessed it, aspects of the Cupertino cell phone that other manufacturers have chosen to add. Perhaps the most notable is the controversial notch but there is another addition that some manufacturers wanted to take.

Emojis, Armojis and Zenimojis, and those we left

When Apple introduced its iPhone X, it knew how to camouflage the lack of fingerprint reader in a very simple way. Taking advantage of all the technology that they integrated for facial recognition, he introduced the animojis. Basically, animojis are some of the emoji we know, but animated by our own facial gestures.


Samsung, a few days ago, introduced an alternative midway between Apple's animojis and Nintendo's Mii, and called them ARmoji . The Galaxy S9 is able to recognize our own face and create our own animated emoji package. These ARmojis stand out as an animated version of ourselves, and the truth is that they are really cool.

Finally, Asus was a bit more brazen with his zenimojis, animated little dolls that recognize our facial gestures and that we can share.

From emoticon to animoji, we love the absurd

Far from accusing anyone who copies who or what, we will be clear. If Samsung, Asus and those who come are implementing these functions, it is not because Apple did this, but because it went well.

Supermoji, an animojis application on Android.

Animojis were really popular, and the first few days after the iPhone came out, they were viral, since users were able to recreate all sorts of scenes in which animojis are funny . ]

All this started years ago. Since the arrival of the Internet and instant messaging, it was not enough to communicate with plain text and we always wanted to take a step forward.

At first we used emoticons;) that evolved to emoji, which helped us to express more and more emotions, tell our message with much more art 💃. Images, GIFs and stickers have enriched our conversations, and we embrace them. And the more stupid, the more we like them ¯ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

Is It Really A Reason To Buy A Cell Phone?

For many users, when buying a smartphone, the only important thing is the amount of hardware they give us how much money. But as the price of smartphones grows, so does our demand.

And let's be honest with ourselves, software is much more important than hardware. And not only talk about optimization and features that are useful in our day to day. Applications of this style are also part of the user experience.

Think about recording in super slow motion. Despite the fact that Sony has superior image quality, Samsung has managed to catch the eye with its clever software that activates slow motion while detecting movements, as well as adding music for slow-motion sound that does not feel weird.

These features have a development cost, which results in a higher cost of the final product, but also helps the cellphone gain visibility, which is a great investment for marketing.

Do not be ashamed, the smartphone is also a leisure tool

 The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 works quite well with the games "width =" 1050 "height =" 591 "/> </p>
<p> Have you purchased an app simply because it sounded like fun to you? I do, and often. It always looks like the typical smartass that tells you <em> "this is nonsense, does not help productivity" </em>. </p>
<p> <strong> Productivity </strong> is a word that I ended up having a lot of heartbreak, not because of the concept itself but because of how heavy many people end up with productivity. </p>
<p> Sometimes it seems that any technological breakthrough that does not help you do your job is a waste and, moreover, try to make you feel guilty. <strong> Not everything in life is productivity </strong> and who says that it is one of those people who only live to work. </p>
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Long live, be happy and enjoy these bullshit. Send stickers, animojis, GIFs, create your own GIF (the Sony Xperia XZ1 is a step in this direction), and if you want to buy a cell phone because you do the ARMOjis, do it. And if anyone bother you, I know, send her an emoji 💃.


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