New Clash Royale Challenge: Get the Mega Knight

New Clash Royale Challenge: Get the Mega Knight


It's time to receive the Mega Knight. And Clash Royale dresses as a challenge to get the new card. You will be able to?

Clash Royale is one of those games that do not go out of style for more than millions of people are addicted to their games daily. Many cards, a balance between the players' game, freemium who measures the free experience very well … And constant challenges with prizes as nice as new cards. Yeah, we're talking about Mega Knight.


It's not the first challenge we're going to play with this card, but it's the official welcome to the new member of the decks. Starting tomorrow, you can get this legendary card. And tomorrow will also start the challenge that you can do more easily with the card; whenever you play, of course. It will not be easy, we will advance to you.

Play with or against the Mega Knight in a 2C2 challenge

Clash Royale welcomes the Mega Knight with a new challenge "src =" /uploads/2017/09/desafio-mega-caballero.jpg "alt =" Clash Royale receives the Mega Knight with a new challenge "

The rules of the challenge are the rules of this type of tournaments. In this case, it will be 2 vs 2 and with double elixir. Choose four cards, send four more to the opponent and the arena: it will win who knows how to better match the deck and also who better cope with the partner.

The prizes in dispute are the following:

  • With 3 wins, you draw 30 cards.
  • With 5 wins you receive 10 special cards.
  • With 7 wins, you win 2 epic cards
  • With 9 wins, you get a Super Magic Sandbur where you are

You know: just a few hours before the Mega Knight arrives at the Clash Royale and also to activate the new challenge. First access will not cost you gems.

Version: 1.9.2


Requires Android 4.0.3 and above


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