New emojis make us safer

New emojis make us safer


New emoji may seem silly, but it may be more important than it seems. They can even make our devices safer.

The updates are one of the most controversial issues on our Android devices. At best, we have two years of updates, with more security. In the worst case, the manufacturer completely forgets to update our phone.

Updates are important for sections such as security. Every week security holes are discovered on our devices and updates fix them. In that sense, it may be the emoji that may do more for safety. And it's not a joke.


New emojis cause updates

The chances are that you and I, dear reader, will update because we know all the advantages of the update . We know that we will have new functions, we know that the phone will work better and we know that each update improves security. We still wish the arrival of these updates on many occasions. And we get annoyed when the manufacturer ignores the updates.

But you and I are a minority . The vast majority of users do not have the updates as a determining factor. For them it's an annoying notification that does not leave the notification bar, and that "they will do when they have a time". While they may be important, and they may have heard something, they do not think it is something important or necessary.

And that's where emoji comes in. A normal user uses them because other users do, see them or even because they get to the news. And when you want to use them, you will update . The rest of the improvements and functions that incorporate the update are secondary, what the user wants is most visual . In this case, the emoji.

People update for emojis, not for security

The emoji have always been a secondary piece of the updates, which does not seem to matter much. But this is not entirely true, at least in the visual section. If someone upgrades only to emojis, and in the process is improved security, welcome. Emoji can be important to get these updates.

This is perhaps truer in systems like iOS where updates bring new emoji. On Android, we can use keyboards and third-party applications instead of waiting for the update to arrive. That is, if our Android updates, first. Something that happens less than we would like.

An attractive in the absence of automatic updates

And this kind of attraction should not be necessary, really. Updates for our device must be automatic and transparent . It was something that dared to implement for the first time large-scale Google with Chrome, paving the way. But the best example of why they are important is Windows .

 Microsoft's new desktop connects our Android to your computer. </p>
<p> Before Windows 10 arrives, you will remember that there was <strong> Windows Update </strong>. And that this utility allowed us to install the updates we wanted. This led to everyone installing the updates they wanted, starting to jump important. </p>
<p> All this not only led users not to protect themselves by not installing all the updates. Engineers and developers have taken advantage of the most up-to-date Windows as the foundation for their developments. And this has led to <strong> errors and incompatibilities that are impossible to predict </strong> when computer updates are fragmented to excess. </p>
<p> Microsoft has noticed this error in Windows 10, and that's where the automatic update system comes to users. It was one of the most criticized things in Windows 10, users were not happy to be able to choose. But it is also <strong> one of the most needed improvements for Windows </strong>. </p>
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In the absence of this system of automatic updates for all, the best that can have the updates are reasons to install them as soon as possible. And fear or ignorance is not the way to do it. Emojis are being a good ally, but that should serve as a basis for raising user awareness.

In the end, it is possible that emoji are doing more for the updates than the "important" realities. So we should not take the weight off the updates, because it could be why ordinary people update their phone .


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