New Google search, now with celebrities answering questions

New Google search, now with celebrities answering questions


Google's search will soon have new interactive elements: celebrities will respond with a video to their searches related to them.

Google is in such a spiral of innovation that its engineers no longer know what to do to renew their searches. More artificial intelligence, neural networks to anticipate what we write … And celebrities who answer user questions with their own voice and face . There is no doubt, the future of research was this.

What Google just announced could be a joke of the Innocents or April bug day, but we are not on any dates. And it's real: the company is putting forth a sample of what's to come. Imagine you wonder if Will Ferrell knows how to play the drums, so you search it on Google. And the first result you find leaves you speechless.

Celebrities will answer the most common questions with a selfie

So, Google says in an article from your official blog : celebrities will answer the questions that are asked about them . Given that Google knows what the problems are for most users, the company will agree with the protagonists to record the answers by talking to the camera. The effect will make a search engine cooler and, why not, more fun.

As you can imagine, this change in Google's search will begin in the United States . The company is already starting to experiment with some celebrities; like Will Ferrell, Nick Jonas, Mark Wahlberg … Video selfie will appear as the first search result. By clicking on it, it will open in the vertical format to reproduce only the answer we are looking for.

Google guarantees that the service will be in testing with the first celebrities who participated, but will be expanded in the coming months to involve more celebrities. They do not specify, but it would not be strange if the new custom search reached other languages, such as Spanish. Imagine that you are looking for the date of the next concert of Pablo Alborán and he tells you out loud …


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