New Motorola modules: blood pressure and keyboard

New Motorola modules: blood pressure and keyboard


Do not tell Motorola to throw in the towel, the company will continue to bet on the modules. And small Moto Mods: a physical keyboard and a blood pressure gauge. As you read this.

The idea of ​​modules for smartphones is more than good: why not expand the capabilities of the mobile just by inserting a layer or component? The problem is that not only does it detract from the resource in practice, also increases the cost of a few hundred euro cell phones ; not to mention that, when changing the phone, the modules lose all their usefulness. Are strong reasons for Motorola to stop thinking about them? Not resonant.

Motorola has given the imagination to draw from the design table two new proposals in Moto Mods. One is quite logical because many of us dream of a physical keyboard that can hide and develop to prove (ay, that Milestone ). And the second proposal … Well, it's a bit strange, both in the idea and in the implementation.

Measuring blood pressure with the cell phone is possible with the new Moto Mod

The new device that Motorola introduced is a generation that almost triples the thickness of a Moto Z and allows you to analyze blood pressure by placing a finger on the type of ring on the side. And not only the blood pressure, because the Moto Mod is able to measure the heart rate, breathing, oxygen in the pulse and also the temperature . It may not be very practical for a home user, but it can open the door to new diagnostic methods in hospitals: more comfortable, faster and using a smartphone.

Although the health module is the most striking, the new Moto Mod with physical keyboard is not too late. Once connected to the back of the smartphone, we can unfold it by pulling the keyboard out, then type with the physical keys . And by turning a few degrees, the Moto Mod also functions as a mobile holder offering a keyboard to write. Too small for this posture, but it will all be a matter of proving it.

 New Modules Motorola: Blood Pressure and Keyboard 

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Lenovo and Motorola continue to bet on the modules is a guarantee for those who already own one or think they will buy a Moto Z to take advantage of these options: the company will continue to manufacture and maintain support . It is expected that it will also continue to develop new modules, the range of options is almost infinite.

Price and availability of the new Moto Mods

You have a Moto Z and are interested in measuring your blood pressure when you feel like it; or write with a physical keyboard because you feel a little "vintage". Well: the Moto Mod keyboard can be purchased late this winter at $ 99 ; the Moto Mod with blood pressure meter will be sold from April at a price of 359 dollars .

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