New OnePlus 5T Star Wars, the limited edition you can not buy

New OnePlus 5T Star Wars, the limited edition you can not buy


Star Wars and OnePlus have teamed up in a limited version of 5T in the premiere of The Last Jedi. Of course, it will only be sold in India.

At OnePlus they are selling all 5T that come into their catalog. No wonder: in addition to being an excellent cell phone, is also in a very affordable price line if you look at the category. And with the fans expanding their promotions, marketers wondered: why did not we partner with Disney and release a special edition from OnePlus 5T based on The Last Jedi ? The Force took his side.

The exclusive version of OnePlus 5T Star Wars is beautiful to look at, especially for those who love the saga created by George Lucas. Black back face, black front, exclusive wallpapers from The Last Jedi and a catchy detail: The slider for the sound modes is red .

Special edition only for India with release on December 14

This unique cell phone was designed for to commemorate the theatrical release of the latest Star Wars movie . Since it opens on December 15th around the world, there was not a better date to present the smartphone than a day before. Although yes, future owners will have to buy tickets for the event in advance, they will fly safely.

This special edition will be presented at an event in Mumbai, India. Those who receive the invitations can attend the event. And there will be surprises related to the cell phone and also to the movie. As for the price and sale for sale … We still do not know anything, but will be sold exclusively by Amazon's online store in India .

The hardware is the same as the OnePlus 5T, also the software; except for some details that will customize the look, such as wallpapers and Star Wars sounds . Of course there is no doubt. And it will be a great collector's item for anyone lucky enough to purchase a unit. May the Force accompany you in the attempt …


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