Now you can share your location in real time with Whatsapp Beta

Now you can share your location in real time with Whatsapp Beta


In the last beta of WhatsApp, we can share our location in real time and completely safe thanks to end-to-end encryption.

Speed ​​is one of the biggest advantages of today's social networks. In a matter of seconds, we can send information that would have been much longer. And in the latest beta of WhatsApp, we find a new feature that will add value to that idea. We can share our real-time location and safely thanks to end-to-end encryption.

Live localization: real-time location on WhatsApp

This new feature is called Live Location and allows WhatsApp users to send their location in real time for a certain period of time. You can use this feature in group or individual chat, and of course, you need your device's location services turned on.

You can set the time the location lasts, as well as be able to stop it at any time. It is also confirmed that this function will also be encrypted end-to-end so we will keep the security even more in this new function.

 You can share your location in real time thanks to the latest WhatsApp beta "</p>
<p> <em> Although it appears to have sent us where we are at the moment, as we move, we can see how our location is updated in real time.</p>
<p> The steps for using Live Location are as follows: </p>
<li> Click the clip icon that we use to send multiple files. Then click on <strong> "Location" </strong> and then on <strong> "Send my current location" </strong> </li>
<li> Select how long you want your location to be shared. After that, it will stop sharing your location. </li>
<li> Click <strong> "Send" </strong> and you will already be sharing your location in real time. </li>
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Opinion on Whatsapp add a voice converter to native text in the application. Much is used to not have something already in the hands.

We tested this function and found that works perfectly. We should point out that, since it's a beta, it has not yet been implemented in the version of WhatsApp that we found in the Play Store, though, hopefully, not late.

The location is updated in the map of the conversation in real time.

Now you can download the latest beta of WhatsApp on page APKMirror in the link that we left below. It should be noted that WhatsApp has taken care of providing adequate security to these locations in real time, with end-to-end encryption and possibility of being deleted over time. Good for WhatsApp.

Download the latest beta version of WhatsApp


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