One in six Spaniards have internet on the cell phone but not...

One in six Spaniards have internet on the cell phone but not at home


The idea of ​​having the Internet on your cell phone is not as old as it sounds. Earlier this century, connecting to the network using a phone, which was fortunately a smartphone and not one with WAP technology, was something within the reach of some.

Currently, the fact that someone does not have an Internet connection on their cell phone through 3G or 4G networks is almost unthinkable in countries like Spain and many others.

However, we begin to see the opposite trend, people who connect exclusively to the network through their smartphones and therefore we do not mean that they use this device to enter through a home network Wifi but they do not even consider paying for that rate at home which they will not use as long as they have the cell number for it.


This trend is becoming more pronounced and in Spain we see as one in six users connects exclusively from the cell phone without having an additional line at home.

In other countries around us, such as the United Kingdom or France, this reality also exists, but it is not as pronounced as in our country.

In others, however, this is even more prevalent. For example in Turkey or Canada, one in four users only connects from the data rate of their smartphones and does not hire a landline.

An option that will grow

It is logical that this trend is increasing, as mobile tariffs are gradually starting to have a considerable amount of data and even some operators offer specific products for tasks that require a lot of information such as Vodafone with your Pass, which ensures that seeing the last season of our series on mobility is something that leaves us without MB for other tasks.

In other countries, like Africans, the first connection to the Internet is made by many users through the smartphone and this reality is enormous. This helps that fixed-connection infrastructures are not exactly the right ones to compete with the mobile.


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