OnePlus goes hand in hand with mobile operators to grow in 2018

OnePlus goes hand in hand with mobile operators to grow in 2018


Every year there are new manufacturers of Android phones. At that time also some disappear, with more or less noise. However, it is strange that a new player can win a position in the market, even if it has the largest conglomerate in the world behind.

This is the story of OnePlus, a company that has achieved very high brand recognition in a few years and especially with very few phones. We must not forget that with some exception every year they have one or two new models.

Now, according to the account in El Economista the company is clear that the focus of growth in 2018 will be the relationship with operators.

Some difficult beginnings


Those who have followed the company since its inception will remember how complicated it was to get a terminal of this brand in the beginning. Scarce units, system of invitations and late shipments.

Although behind BBK owner of OPPO and Vivo, OnePlus seemed to operate autonomously in terms of logistics and organization. And it took them a while to settle down. But 2017 was a good year.

In this period, the company generated about 1150 million euros profit, modest numbers compared to large, but very valid. The number of units sold is not known, but both OnePlus 5 and 5T have been successful for the company.

Hand in hand with operators

Although in Spain the sale of mobile phones with operators has decreased in recent times continues to be a key factor for manufacturers.

So in 2017, OnePlus partnered with Elisa in Finland and O2 in the UK to sell their handsets through the offers of these telecóguos.

In the recently concluded CES, brand managers have not ruled out entering this market into the hands of operators, although this is something that should be seen if the government allows them, given what happened to Huawei .

It remains to be seen if this year is the right time for OnePlus to arrive in Spain with the help of operators such as Orange, Vodafone or Movistar, and that these companies are still relevant when it comes to changing mobile phones and a cost-adjusted terminal would perfectly fit your plans to offer fewer discounts than before.


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