Opera VPN disappears from Google Play, will close like Opera Max?

Opera VPN disappears from Google Play, will close like Opera Max?


We noticed a disturbance in the Google Play Store today. Something disappeared. Opera VPN, the browser developer application that promised a free VPN connection, can no longer be downloaded.

VPN networks (Private Virtual Network or translated Virtual Private Network) allow us to be connected to a network of computers whose access to the Internet is in another location (or can be the same). To do this, it uses the Internet, the network of networks is therefore a virtual network and it is not real because you are not bound to these other computers, but for practical purposes, it is as if it were.

They typically use mobile VPNs to connect to services in other countries by jumping regional blocks . They are very dangerous because all your Internet traffic is redirected to the VPN and this leads to a computer in the company that offers the VPN through which all your information passes.

Opera VPN, is no longer available on Google Play


Opera got a void in this type of application with Opera VPN thanks to the offer for free and without advertising . All this with a business that boosts confidence like Opera behind. Opera VPN was released on Android in August 2016 after the purchase of SurfEasy Inc.

Since then, many users are using this, but it seems like these days could have come to an end. Today has disappeared from Google Play except those who have downloaded it before, as usual with the withdrawal of an order.

We have not heard of any statement from Opera about this withdrawal. This behavior opens several possible options.

Same future as Opera Max or UC Browser?

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<p> Among these options is that Opera VPN will end its days as Opera Max did. This application also acted as a VPN, but compressed Internet traffic to spend less mobile data. <a href= Also missing from Google Play in August 2017. At that time Opera announced that it was closing Opera Max to focus on the development of its browsers.

This time the application we're talking about is no longer in the Android store, but is kept in the App Store for iOS. This may be an error, although both versions have not been upgraded since October 2017. We've already seen these small stumbling blocks of applications for days. Both the UC Browser browser and the useful widget application Zooper Widget disappeared from Google Play and returned after a few days. Currently, Opera VPN continues to function normally .


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