OPPO comes to Spain to face Xiaomi: a new revolution

OPPO comes to Spain to face Xiaomi: a new revolution


This year of 2017 was characterized by several aspects of the mobile phone industry. Depending on the country in which we focus, we will make one that draws the attention of others and of course if we focus on Spain, the news of the year is the arrival of Xiaomi officially to the market.

The Chinese company changed our requirements little by little, the years were used to position itself as one of the best-selling brands even without being present in a conventional way. So the unofficial arrival was a success.

This did not go unnoticed in his home country, China, where Xiaomi has very different rivals for the Westerners. There, in addition to Huawei, there are two main competitors: Vivo and OPPO.


Both companies are subsidiaries of BBK, a conglomerate that is technically the largest manufacturer in the country in the east. The same company has decided that it will not allow Xiaomi to quietly expand in Europe and will use OPPO to confront it. Starting with Spain .

OPPO will officially arrive in Spain in a few months

According to Ignacio del Castillo in Expansión the Chinese company will officially land in our country in the first quarter of 2018 and next week there will be some responsible for the company in our territory, to start to work on the negotiations with the main distributors in the country.

The intention of OPPO is to arrive officially in Spain, not selling exclusively online as was possible a few years ago in Europe.

It's not clear what the pricing policy will be (it's a much more expensive brand in China than Xiaomi), but traditional companies like LG or Samsung would do well to start worrying.

Why Spain

 OPPO comes to Spain to face Xiaomi: a new revolution </p>
<p> <strong> The reasons for the arrival of OPPO in Spain </strong> and not in other countries are multiple. On the one hand, in our country, there are no more subsidies from operators to mobile phones, which means that the final price paid by the user is case by case and companies that adjust the costs can fight better against the rivals of Apple's tastes. </p>
<p> On the other hand, we are accustomed to dealing with Chinese brands. <strong> Spain imports many mobile companies that do not operate officially in our area </strong> through importing sites or distributors who are in charge of logistics. </p>
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In addition to Xiaomi entered first opens the mind for many users to try new brands, in addition to those considered as Nokia or Sony.

Finally, the distribution channels have some really powerful companies, so with some agreements, brands can be effectively all over the national territory.

OPPO and Xiaomi are not the same

 OPPO comes to Spain to face Xiaomi: a new revolution </p>
<p> It should be clear that we do not expect OPPO to produce an effect similar to that of Xiaomi. The company, part of BBK, opted for a physical distribution in their country and their phones have higher costs, although the quality of the terminals is undeniable. </p>
<p> It is possible that concrete models arrive in Spain, not the whole catalog, but it would be strange if a price war began. </p>
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