Origami for Google Assistant, this is the new Google experience

Origami for Google Assistant, this is the new Google experience


Google joins Wizard, Programming and Origami in their latest experiment: Signs of paper, paper objects that react to your orders.

The field of experimentation has no limits for a company like Google: it is enough for a team to propose an idea, however pilgrim it may be, for them to develop. The Artificial Intelligence and the products already launched by the company have become a huge knowledge base. So why not experiment with them by transferring this possibility to users?

Imagine you have an articulated paper umbrella attached to a motherboard that, in turn, remains connected to the internet. Open your phone, say the Google Assistant, call " Paper Signs " and end with the order "Track Time in Madrid". The umbrella would be opened according to the probability of rain. Without touching the phone at any time and with a real physical indicator of an action transmitted through the network.

Paper Signals is the name given to the experiment we're talking about . Different designs already created with the basic components in the form of kit and models to print on paper. Hence the origami of the title: Google wants you to experiment with your assistant, like a child in school.

Take advantage of Google Assistant actions to interact with physical objects

Paper Signals is nothing more than a new application for Google's wizard actions. Not so good in Spanish It's a shame: this kind of commands are so powerful that any developer can take advantage of them to make their software or hardware compatible with the Wizard. The possibilities are endless: from creating voice memes to launching movies to Google Chromecast without touching the screen. In addition to being able to play with Paper Signs, of course.

The experiment uses several simple components that can be purchased separately or in kit. They are sold in packages for just over 20 euros, allowing anyone to interact with his assistant almost palpably . Not only is it original because of the effect it has on moving the object on paper, it also implies a challenge and is capable of arousing interest in programming in children.

With Paper Signals we can create paper elements capable of moving thanks to a servo motor and the orders transmitted from the motherboard. In addition to the umbrella, there are also an arrow, a rocket, some pants … Assemblies are generic, all you need to do is print the model that you think is convenient. Then the Paper Sign will react to the question you ask the Google Assistant.

The actions of the Google assistant have a huge capacity

 Origami for the Google Assistant, this is the new Google experience "</p>
<p> Google Assistant is an excellent personal assistant that is activated with the voice, but the fact of including the actions takes the neural software to another level. <strong> The applications that can be created are endless </strong>. And all without touching the phone at any time: just say the command and action required for the Google Assistant to run it. </p>
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Let's hope the actions will soon reach the wizard in Spanish. In the meantime, we will have to be content to see how it evolves in its English version. Impressive is little.


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