Personalize your phone with a simple clock widget: Seven Time

Personalize your phone with a simple clock widget: Seven Time


If you are one of those who still like to put a watch widget on your cell phone, try Seven Time, a simple app with different styles that fit your tastes.

I'm not sure if the widgets are fading or are trapped in use, but I believe their variety and availability are dwindling. At the beginning of Android were the latest now we are few that we use this type of applications. I can not resist using a specific widget: the clock widget. And when the default clock widget does not stop me from convincing myself, I usually look for alternatives.

Seven Time is not a wonder of customization like Zooper Widget, KWGT or the mythical Beautiful Widgets but offers a concrete look for anyone looking to add a watch to your desk. It has different models, is customizable, can be adjusted in size and is also an application that is updated frequently incorporating new designs. In addition to free with its relevant micropayment …

Different clocks to decorate with any widget on your tables

Neither more nor less than a digital clock with a different design, which is Seven Time . It is very polished and has several customizations, but is far behind in terms of adjustments. Of course, sometimes it's better to be simple.

One of the disadvantages of Seven Time is precisely that it is brief. It has several projects to choose from, currently 15; with the disadvantage that only a few are free the rest is only accessible on a payment of 1.99 euros. Even so, it offers more possibilities than the Android stock watch, for example.

If you want to try Seven Time, you can download it now using the Google Play Store. It is a very simple application that does not ask for special permissions. It allows you to resize widgets for taste, offers color changes and transparency Size and spacing between elements can be adjusted … And not much more. Not less.

 Personalize your phone with a simple clock widget: Seven Time "</p>
<p> Do you want to access Seven Time completely and for free? You can <a href= contact the developer in the XDA Developers forum and ask for a promotion code.

Version: 1.4.1

Author: Codescape

Requires Android 5.0 and above


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