Pokémon GO is updated with third-generation pokémons and variable weather

Pokémon GO is updated with third-generation pokémons and variable weather


Although at the time of launch, the impact that caused the game was spectacular worldwide is true that the fame of Pokémon GO has been falling. Despite this, he has not stopped playing and although it is not on everyone's lips or on the TV news, there are still many players waiting for news.

Then, Niantic released a new version with notable improvements and that also brings us new Pokémon belonging to the third generation.

New Pokémon to hunt


The first of the novelties of this update is the possibility to hunt some of the Pokémon that appeared when the third generation of these creatures was launched, which corresponds to the region of Hoenn seen in Pokémon Rubí and Sapphire Pokémon .

They are monsters like Treecko, Torchic or Mudkip, although there are many more. Of course, do not expect to be able to hunt down all those featured in these games and because they will be activated in the coming weeks with new updates. Certainly, the company tries to keep users' interest for longer this way.

Variable climatology

The other great novelty is the possibility of suffering the climate that makes in our area directly on the cell phone . So if we are walking through a city where there is fog, that same feature will appear in the environment in which our Pokémon GO character moves.

This new feature will not be purely aesthetic and will affect Pokémon in many ways. To begin with the attack of some species will vary according to the weather if it is more favorable for them, it will be bigger than if it is not. Charizard will be more powerful a day of sunshine than one of rain, for example.

In addition, we must bear in mind that some species will appear more in certain climates than in others, so we will have incentives to leave even if it rains because we can hunt some species that one more moment they are more hidden .


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