Qualcomm introduces the new Snapdragon 845, and this is what we expect...

Qualcomm introduces the new Snapdragon 845, and this is what we expect of it


Qualcomm Summit is currently being held, a Qualcomm event, where all the innovations that the leading processor manufacturer will show over the next few months are being showcased.

One of the big expectations was none other than the Snapdragon 845, the processor that will be the protagonist of virtually every high-end phone next year. Qualcomm has announced that its new processor is official, but we will not know all the details until tomorrow.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most important processors, and its performance depends on manufacturers such as LG, HTC, Xiaomi, OnePlus or Sony can compete against Samsung, Huawei and Apple. We say what we expect from this processor.

Snapdragon 845: The future of Qualcomm is promising


So says the founder of the Samsun Foundation; the factory of Samsung processors; and that's what we can know "Snapdragon 845 is the wonderful chip of the year." The expectations of this new processor were rising rapidly and receiving praise from the manufacturer of its processor (which is also its direct rival) is always a good indication.

There is little data we know about this processor. Like the Snapdragon 835, it will be manufactured in a 10-nanometer process and will include the same X20 modem for Gigabit LTE connectivity. Tomorrow we will know all the details about this new processor, with which, presumably, Samsung and LG will be ahead of the competition with Galaxy S9 and LG G7. Xiaomi has already confirmed that his next major car will integrate this processor.

What we expect from Snapdragon 845

Being the processor that will include the most high-end terminals in the end is a big responsibility. Think of 2015, a year when a bad 810 Snapdragon resulted in a high end with temperature and performance problems. In the end, whether a year is good or bad for the market depends largely on what Qualcomm does, since Huawei, Apple and Samsung are the only ones that use their own processors.

Seeing the smooth operation of Snapdragon 835, we hope that its successor does not follow the steps of Snapdragon 810 and that it ends up being a great processor. This is what we expect from him.

Chip dedicated to Artificial Intelligence

Little by little, the processors dedicated to Artificial Intelligence are making their way. Huawei is taking great strides with the Kirin 970, and even Google had to create a dedicated processor; the Visual Core Pixel.

In fact, Google itself launched in Android 8.1 a series of tools for developers to better use Artificial Intelligence. If Snapdragon 845 does not include a module dedicated to it, it will be a tremendous disappointment.

Gross power and meaning to use it

We were all impressed by the great power shown by Apple with the Bionic A11 processor. This chip swept through the performance tests, even doubling the scores of the best Android phones on the Geekbench.

However, a good performance test result is never a guarantee of a better user experience. In our reviews of iPhone X and Google Pixel 2 XL we came to this conclusion, since the Pixel 2 XL with a "smaller" processor was faster in most situations.

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<p> Why do we want more power then? Obviously not for playing simple games or for opening WhatsApp, but for those uses that are less frequent but that require great power, such as recording video at 4K at 60 frames per second. </p>
<p> Another use of interest for all this power lies in being able to use the phone as if it were a processor through a dock, such as the Samsung DeX. For developers to create professional applications like we see on the iPad Pro (Affinity Photo for iPad is compatible with MacOS) there needs to be processors capable of competing. We believe that Snapdragon 845 may open this closure. </p>
<h2> Augmented reality, virtual and facial recognition </h2>
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And yes, lower consumption, as always

One of the most notorious developments of the Snapdragon 835 compared to the 821 was energy consumption. The experience of use between one processor and another is generally not palpable in the day to day, but if we saw a great improvement in the autonomy, verifying that with batteries of smaller capacity we obtained more hours of use.

This year there will not be a technological leap in the manufacturing process, but we expect an even more polished core design, which will allow us to get more out of our cell phone.


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