RetroBrowser, the browser that allows us to surf the Internet for more...

RetroBrowser, the browser that allows us to surf the Internet for more than 10 years


In the last ten years we have experienced a technological revolution that came with modern smartphones, all those cell phones that use Android and iOS in their gut.

Perhaps many of you do not remember, but at that moment the PC was king, being the main means of access to the Internet by users. While it remains a widely used tool, these days it is up to you to share the limelight with mobile devices.

If we look at the past, the most notorious change can be seen on the web . When the first Android phones began to arrive, there were still no webs optimized for the screen format we use today. Today, we tested an application that will allow us to relive how the web sites were a few years ago.

RetroBrowser shows us how the web was a few years ago


If you want to take a walk on how the web sites were a few years ago, RetroBrowser is an essential application . He basically uses previous Internet files to show us what the Internet was a few years ago.

From your own settings, we can indicate a date. This date will be the reference point of the RetroBrowser to show us the web page that we are looking for, on the day we indicate. If there are no files from that date, it will show us the results that are closest to the date chosen. For example, if we open El Androide Libre, will show us what this blog was like in 2009.

Note that we will not be in interactive sites because it is a purely visual file. We will not be able to conduct Google searches in 2005, much less register on social networks like Tuenti. It is not a real-time machine, but a simple mirror for the past.

Another thing we like, is that in the settings, we can also change the look of the browser to have the style of Windows 95. Already configured to live a retro experience is better to do well.

RetroBrowser is an application that we like very much, despite the little practice that can bring us in the day to day . An app we can find for free on Google Play and includes ads.

Version: 0.9.6

Author: DevRobot Studio

Requires Android 4.1 and above


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