Samsung changes the way you show notifications on some phones

Samsung changes the way you show notifications on some phones


The customization of Android has always been an added value for manufacturers, who saw in it the possibility of differentiating itself from other rivals. However, this did not always help the user, because the way to handle the interface could vary, even a little.

This is what happened to Samsung and Touchwiz, the layer that is now known as Samsung Experience . The way to manage notifications was slightly different from other brands.

A characteristic element of its interface was that we could have colored balloons on the icons warning us that there was some notification regardless of what we had in the notification curtain. In fact if we discarded the notification, the red balloon remained there.

Samsung changes notifications on Android 8


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is getting the latest beta-beta Oreo before the official update that is expected by the end of the month. Not received today, the company slightly modifies the behavior of the notifications in the icons and explains this in small tips in the interface.

Now, if we discard the top curtain notification, the icon point will disappear because the system will understand that you do not need to notify it, since you actively discarded the warning.

This change is explained in different areas of the new Oreo interface of the Galaxy S8 and is to assume that as the other Samsung phones are upgraded to this version of the system, the way of interpreting the notifications is changing to this new.

We can choose whether or not these balloons appear, letting us know that we have notifications, and if we want, we can make the numbers of the balloons appear or not.

In addition, the system itself warns that it is possible that the number of notifications shown in the upper curtain and the globe is not the same because of the way in which the applications should publish the warnings.


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