Samsung confirms the date of presentation of Galaxy S9

Samsung confirms the date of presentation of Galaxy S9


Goodbye to the rumors, it's official: we will see the Samsung Galaxy S9 at the MWC in Barcelona 2018. Less than two months ago to discover the latest manufacturer in smartphones.

If we collect everything we know of the Samsung Galaxy S9 we find that it almost looks like it has already been presented. Of course, many of the rumors will not be entirely true, but, in general, the reliability of the known is very high. Two models, the top with dual camera Infinity display design similar to S8 and Note 8 … And when will everything be confirmed? Coming soon, very soon.

The CES of Las Vegas the date of presentation of the expected Samsung Galaxy S9 The CEO of Samsung Electronics, Dj Koh confirmed in the CES of Las Vegas That's how ZDNet charges it, so it's officially confirmed: the cell phone has been ahead of the usual for the past two years, returning to the Mobile World Congress. And we'll be there to see it.

Presentation in MWC 2018; place for sale in March

This is what happened and it turned out to be true: this year there will not be an Uncompressed of the new Galaxy S in a single event, but we will see it in the events related to MWC in Barcelona . We do not know the specific date because the CEO did not provide it, but it would not surprise us if the presentation was on Sunday, February 25, the day before the start of the most important mobile congress.

In order to advance the date of presentation of the mobile star for this year, it means that the rest of the manufacturers also have to do the same to compete in identical conditions. Sony is expected to do so on the MWC, as well as Huawei or Xiaomi. LG, meanwhile, points to a separate event of the MWC certainly should not be superimposed by the stream of news released by the congress of Barcelona.

On the other hand, and in addition to confirming the date of presentation of Samsung Galaxy S9, the Samsung CEO also confirmed that the company is designing a foldable smartphone and we will see it next year in 2019 The rumors we echoed yesterday are confirmed: the Galaxy X is a reality and is close enough to materialize. Is it the evolution of the S family? The number could confirm: from "S9" to "X", ten in Roman numerals.


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