Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus 2018: first real photographs

Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus 2018: first real photographs


Samsung is still working on its new high-end terminals. With rising prices for the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note, the Galaxy A family is postulated as the most attractive for thousands of buyers.

That is why, in 2018, the company has chosen to radically change the design of these models and bring them closer to what we have seen in the high ranges.

This means that the new Galaxy A 2018 will have, among other things, larger screens with longer ratios and with the fingerprint sensor located at the rear. And part of these speculations and rumors have been confirmed in two actual photos leaked from Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus the most diagonal model of the two that will have the same name.


And, as you can see in the pictures, the press displays that leaked its appearance had been successful, at least in the front, which is what we see in the photographs.

A large screen with different proportions than expected

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<p> The screen is large, this being the second of the A8 models to be sold, the Plus model. However, unlike Galaxy S and Note, family A <strong> will have a screen with a ratio of 2: 1 or 18: 9, instead of 18.5: 9 </strong> that we saw in earlier models. </p>
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There will be a model with a smaller diagonal, but it is expected to maintain its proportions, since, theoretically, the changes will not be very large.

It's the equivalent of Galaxy A7 2018

As we move forward, the year 2018 will be responsible for bringing a new model on stage, the Galaxy A8, which will apparently replace the A7 and A5. Theoretically, this A8 Plus would have been the A7 2018 and we will not know if we are going to see it in the European stores, since its predecessor did not appear of massive form in our continent.

The fingerprint sensor for the rear area

Although there are no new photographs of the rear area, some have already been seen and point to a choice of fingerprint sensor placement more appropriate than the view so far . It will be placed under the camera, leaving the flash on the right side of the sensor.


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