Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and S8, the first to have HDR on...

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and S8, the first to have HDR on YouTube


After Netflix takes a few months with the tests, the HDR arrives at the YouTube Android application. Only compatible with Galaxy Note 8 and S8.

It seemed that the jump of resolution would be the most notable in the evolution of the video, but the market does not want to cross the 4K barrier. Although there is an evolution in the images that attract attention: HDR or high dynamic range of videos . Netflix already had the LG G6, and now the HDR comes to YouTube.

Do you want to see videos compatible with this video quality? As with computers, only compatible computers will have access to this quality. On Android are two mobile the first, both Samsung and high-end .

Samsung is the first to have YouTube HDR


Another small bump on the Samsung table that saw how their HDR screens have been accepted by YouTube. Neither the LG G6 nor Sony Xperia XZ Premium or XZ1 are currently compatible but they will not be long either. And regarding the way HDR looks on YouTube …

We have tested the feature on our Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 + and we can corroborate that it reached both cell phones. If the video we play has HDR, this will be activated automatically; without it, we can see it more without HDR . And we can choose the resolution of the video while maintaining the HDR at all times.

Of course the final quality of the playback will depend on the video itself, but we see visible differences between seeing a sample with HDR and without it. You can judge yourself in the following pictures: above, note 8 with HDR; below S8 + without HDR.

We tested this new feature with the following video.

If you have one of the compatible cell phones, you only need to update the YouTube application : you will have access to the HDR


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