Samsung Galaxy S8 and much more

Samsung Galaxy S8 and much more


The weekend is strong on eBay: the store offers a good amount of items, also mobile as "top" as the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the LG G6 +. Enjoy the Super Weekend!

The return to the paste is meant to be different on eBay, at least if we stick to the offers that have prepared the store for the next weekend we're done. He always does, but on this occasion there are slightly more succulent offerings. Of us, we have redeemed some cell phones by which we would loosen the portfolio : they are worth it. And with eBay guarantees.

Shop the store direct offers you will have at least one year warranty with the dealer. The purchase is made with PayPal, details that add security. The products have fast shipping and do not pass any kind of customs. That said, we started.

Samsung Galaxy S8


It is the most outstanding offer of Super Weekend since the Galaxy S8 is very Galaxy S8. An excellent cell phone that you look at where you look it can be yours for 529 euros. In its dual SIM version and with the option to have the Samsung Galaxy S8 + for little more: 599 euros.

An entire Samsung Galaxy S8 for just over 500 euros

Huawei P1o

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<p> Huawei's latest cell phone awaiting the look of the Mate 10 is still sweet for those looking for a powerful smartphone, good design and very stylish. Do you want to get yours on offer? You got it on eBay for 499 euros. </p>
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Huawei P10 debuts thanks to offers from eBay

LG G6 +

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<p> This is the latest version of the smartphone, which has 128 GB of internal memory. Design almost no frames LG, HDR QHD screen, double camera with wide angle … A very good cell phone that has no bad price: 489.99 euros. </p>
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Get an LG G6 + with 128 GB of storage: do not finish it

Huawei P10 Lite

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<p> Are you looking for something more economical without losing many benefits along the way? For 269 euros, you have this version Huawei P10 Lite, more trimmed of the original P10 that maintains the style and all the quality. </p>
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The Huawei P10 Lite is a good, good and cheap cell phone. Pile it!

Xiaomi Redmi 4A

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We made the highlights on offer with a good Xiaomi that can be reached for less than 90 euros: the Xiaomi Redmi 4A. Tuned in performance without being too short in the most common situations.

An entire Xiaomi for less than 90 euros

There are not only these phones on offer, you can find a good collection more; plus other low-priced products with the same guarantees: take a trip around Super Weekend you certainly will not regret it.


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