Samsung Gear S3 updates to correct excessive battery spending

Samsung Gear S3 updates to correct excessive battery spending


Users of a Gear S3 smartwatch expect to upgrade to Tizen 3.0. After installing it, they encountered an unpleasant problem: the watch suffers from excessive battery consumption; although the fix is ​​already in progress.

As the owner of a smartwatch Samsung Gear S3 I can say that this watch is the best I have ever had. Not only for the smart functions, but also for the design and for the class that distills on the wrist. How could Samsung buy the buyers of a device that already has a year in the market ? Updating the clock for the latest available news, something that happened to the famous Value Pack.

A good deal of the news of the Samsung Gear Sport landed on the Gear S3 along with the increase of the base system for version 3.0. It was difficult to get all the watches after Samsung announced, but ended up landing on almost all the dolls. If you were one of the lucky ones, maybe you also stumbled upon the main problem: Excessive battery expenditure . I am suffering.

Gear S3 spends a lot of battery after upgrade, but Samsung has already encountered the problem

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