Samsung Google will pay millions to be your default browser

Samsung Google will pay millions to be your default browser


Google not only pay Apple to be the default browser on your mobile. According to Korean media, Samsung Google would pay even more for being the default Galaxy search engine.

Google has become the most used search engine in the world in the West, one of the largest search engines in the world. But you have not gotten your handsome face. In addition to trying to get ahead of their rivals and deliver better results, much of the blame is that Google is the default search engine on a multitude of devices.

For example, try to find something on your Android, iPhone or computer browser. Most likely to do it with Google, and I've never given you choose which browser you want to use. We can move, but Google is generally the default and people do not change. And that seems to live Google, judging by paid money for it to happen .

Samsung Google pays 3.500 million to be your browser


According to a Korean newspaper, Samsung would have received from Google a whopping 4 trillion won. With the exchange of currency 3,500 million . And all this year Google remains the default Samsung Galaxy search engine. This news is bound to Google would also be paying Apple 3 billion dollars for the same reason, to be the default search engine on iOS.

According to the same medium, Google does not arbitrarily pay this amount . These amounts are calculated from the benefit that Google be receiving devices. So if Google paid 3.5 billion as the Galaxy finder, these Galaxy would bring more benefit to the search engine company.

Smartphones have proven vital in Google's strategy . More and more people browse through the mobile phone at the expense of computers.

Put your ads on these devices, and benefit from your searches, it is essential for the candidate to continue to bring benefits. In this context, it is normal that Google is willing to pay such exorbitant amounts continue to be the default search engine.


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