Samsung Max, the application that saves mobile data and enhances your privacy

Samsung Max, the application that saves mobile data and enhances your privacy


A new official Samsung application is available for mobile phones in its catalog: Samsung Max . According to Google Datally app especially indicated for Android Go with this new software for Samsung users will save data on their mobile connections so they do not pass the rate. Also improves network privacy and making connections.

Samsung Max is an enhancement in the privacy of the connections by the force of connection of the cellular through a VPN of the own Samsung . This lights up the amount of data the user does to save a few megabytes in their rate. In addition, and thanks to the Internet connection will "tunnel", Samsung will detect any threat to the privacy that protects the user. This is the theory, since using a VPN always involves certain privacy risks.

A curious fact is that Samsung Max is the old data manager of Opera, Opera Max . The application has changed its name and is now managed by Samsung, with the security for the user that implies.

Samsung Max, a powerful VPN with outgoing connection analysis

One of the advantages of using this Samsung VPN is that its servers alleviate the data we downloaded (in our cell phone, it suggests up to 70% savings). Samsung Max analyzes and filters all connections saving data as much as possible. The best thing is that it offers an exhaustive analysis of everything it does, what it filters, applications where it can save data and also brings the entire record of what was saved.

You are in the security and privacy section where this app looks more like. Accessing the " Privacy Protection " we note that we can enable a firewall type to filter application connections. Samsung's VPN analyzes the outbound data for possible attacks. It also qualifies the risk of the requests found: it is able to detect malware installed on our device blocking the possible leaks of our data.

 Samsung Max, the application that saves mobile data and improves your privacy "</p>
<p> Samsung Max is free for all Samsung users, although it does include a premium option <strong> </strong> by displaying ads while the phone is charging, the application offers additional options. Like <strong> managing installed applications </strong>. </p>
<h2> The old Opera Max becomes Samsung Max </h2>
<p> You can now install the Samsung connection and privacy manager on your phone. It's available on the Google Play Store through the following link. </p>
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