Samsung will unlock the FM radio on their next phones

Samsung will unlock the FM radio on their next phones


In these days of CES, we are receiving many news. It's back to the turn of Samsung, the company that will be the next maker of smartphones that will unlock the FM radio on their next phones, a feature that for many users is still important.

With the increase in broadcasting services (even with dedicated fees), many still do not think about the old FM radio. I acknowledge that I continue to use it in the car, but not on the phone. Even though it is a technology deactivated, we think it is worthwhile that manufacturers continue to consider it even more, considering that a large number of cell phones integrates this radio, being blocked by the manufacturer in a way intentional.

Samsung will unlock the radio on all phones sold in the United States

The popular radio application NextRadio informs us the news. NextRadio owner announced today that Samsung will be one of the manufacturers that support NextRadio by unlocking the FM Radio chip of all models sold in the United States and Canada.


It is not the only manufacturer that has signed up for this move, and it looks like LG, Motorola and Alcatel have already pledged to unlock the FM radio chip in their devices.

According to NextRadio, FM radio is still an excellent alternative to those times when the network is congested or unavailable, offering music with less impact on battery consumption.

It is no longer just consumer freedom, but FM radio has become a necessary public safety tool due to the natural disasters of Puerto Rico, Houston and Florida.


At this time, we have no official confirmation as to whether Samsung will unlock the FM radio from its phones in the United States and Canada alone or if the decision is global. Although it is a disused network, we are in favor and we want all manufacturers to be encouraged to follow the movement to recover the radio from our cell phones.


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