Save time with your DSLR camera with Lukilink

Save time with your DSLR camera with Lukilink


Lukilink is the perfect accessory for anyone who generally writes content out of the home and wants to export it directly to a device for editing. From DSLR to Android, thanks to an adapter and its application.

Your smartphone can be the perfect complement many times over. It can be your co-pilot to help you get to the sites, you can be your secretary to organize the day and can also complement your DSLR camera. But let's not talk about an application, but an interesting accessory.

There are ways to see what your DSLR camera sees on the screen of your smartphone. Through an OTG adapter, we can connect our cell to the camera and see from the cell phone what the camera sees. For example, with the DSLR Controller an application a bit more expensive than usual, but really useful, stated from experience.


The difference is that this application does not give me a good picture quality of my Android screen. This is what happens when you connect from USB to USB. But with Lukilink, the accessory we're talking about, the output we pass to the phone is directly HDMI.

An accessory to record video from your DSLR directly on your cell phone

DSLR cameras have a connector for streaming content via HDMI to televisions. Well, that result is what Lukilink uses to send to your cell phone. And it's in this device where you can do even more things. Not only is it displayed when targeting where your camera is pointing.

Lukilink also has an application for Android and iOS. In it we can squeeze more emissions that make the camera in our cell phone. Or to directly record the content on the device or re-broadcast online to a live. Without a doubt, being able to connect the camera to a tablet to save the videos and edit them with the right software can save the work of many people. Especially when you're away from home.

The application has a settings section where you can customize different aspects of the incoming view. You can configure the bar and resolution. This way, you can control what your smartphone is recording and its quality. Some people already used 4K will not be fun if the maximum allowed is 1080p.

Play waiting for it to be sold publicly after its crowfounding

This accessory was available on Kickstarter but we met it late. Now, the "sponsors" units are being delivered and will later go on sale for purchase online. Although the official sale price is € 129 . A bit expensive, but not so much for the one who usually records distance from home.

It is not an accessory for everyone, but it can be really useful for a certain group of users. Currently it is not for online purchase, but it is expected that once the first units arrive and if it is open to the public.


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