Set your mobile notifications to your liking on Android 7 Oreo

Set your mobile notifications to your liking on Android 7 Oreo


Notification channels on Android 8 Oreo allow developers to target ads to their apps much more accurately. And the user can customize the notifications.

Each new version of Android always brings news to the user and to the developer. Often the changes are not so visible to those who use the smartphone, but these happen under the layers of code . Oreo is a good example: although it does not differ much from Android 7 Nougat, the changes introduced are remarkable.

The notifications and their channels have been spoken long and wide, but the concept is not ready to understand until a smartphone equipped with the latest version of the system is "touched." Tracking notifications contribute to our mobile just annoying us as needed. And without affecting the rest of the apps, as you would do, the "Do Not Disturb" option.

Access notifications settings and modify channels for each application

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Regarding notifications on Android 8 Oreo you would have to differentiate the settings that the application offers through its own menu and the channels that include optional to be modified through system settings . Although it seems complex, the truth is that it is very simple: we can disconnect or connect only what we want.

For notifications of Android 8 Oreo to be really customizable, the application developer must adapt them to the latest version of Android . There are still a lot of developers who have, but you can already see just how far Google has done.

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Modifying notifications on Android 8 Oreo is very simple then you can do it:

  • Go to the Android settings and go to the Applications and notifications option
  • Go to configure applications and click the relevant "Notifications" option.
  • Your device will load all applications that offer alerts to the system, giving you the option to adjust notification settings one by one (not just by turning it on or off)
  • You can block them all, allow the notification point (similar to the globe, but without the number) and enter the different categories.
  • It all depends on how well the channel has diversified the developer: from notifying a change made by contacts to the ad with something as specific as the reminders (in the case of the Google Allo app, which is the example above).

The best of this new system is the enormous versatility that has . The user has the ability to control the application by the application, as it wishes to notify it of the specific changes; and the developer has a very powerful tool as it can make the fruit of your work even smarter.


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