Skype launches secure and encrypted chats, try them now

Skype launches secure and encrypted chats, try them now


Are you still using Skype to communicate on your phone? Well, you already have a new possibility of communication: your private chats. Do you want to try them?

Although Skype was one of the stellar applications for chatting and talking to anyone, this messaging and calling service ended up cornered due to the popularity of services like WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger . First they dominated the chat to definitely receive calls and video calls. Now, Skype fights back. Or try …

Safe chats are not new to instant messaging since they all have been embedded. Telegram has private conversations that self-destruct, WhatsApp encrypts all end-to-end conversations … And now Skype also incorporates private conversations, though Telegram: we can choose them when establishing a conversation.

End-to-end encryption for new private chats now available on computers and Android

Skype today announced: it incorporates encryption in conversations using the signal protocol the same one used by WhatsApp or Messenger, for example. It is a hyper-secure cryptographic protocol that distinguishes the possibility of any unauthorized reading of messages, although it is not established by default in all conversations and the user will have to choose them.

The new private chats are now available, but not in stable application. To take advantage of the launch, Skype has sent a trial version of their app to the Google Play Store, which will be updated with the non-final changes. Among them, one of the new chats, of course.

 Skype launches secure and encrypted chats, try them now "</p>
<p> To use the new function, just click on a new chat and "<strong> Private Conversation </strong>". We choose the contact and Skype will create an end-to-end encrypted connection with the Signal protocol, as long as the contact also has the Skype version under test, on Android or on a computer. In addition, <strong> must accept the invitation </strong> something important. </p>
<p> Private conversations encrypt messages and photos and voice messages. The rest of the communications, including calls, are left out. What do you want to try? You can now download the trial version of Skype on the Google Play Store. Also <a href= for other devices on the Skype website.


Author: Skype

Requires Android 5.0 and above


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