So I fit with applications, wearables and healthy life

So I fit with applications, wearables and healthy life


With the coming of Christmas comes the excesses, the feasts and the New Year resolutions. Some of the most common are to lose weight or stay in shape. Your mobile phone can help you achieve these goals, but it will not be as easy as simply installing an app.

Do not call it New Year's resolutions, call it a new routine

I'll be honest, New Year's resolutions always seemed like a scam. People, as a rule, are coming up too high and believe that "new year, new life". The reality is that people will not change, much less radically. If you smoke a packet of tobacco a day, you will not quit smoking by magic. If you are overweight you will not reach your ideal weight because the calendar marks 2018 instead of 2017.

Sure, writing from your couch what you should change in your life for the next year and continuing with what you were doing will not help you achieve your achievements. If you really consider that these changes are important to you, you must begin now to make them real, because in the end abandoning these purposes is abandoning yourself.

How I created my own healthy routine


Today I'm going to tell you a story about me. I have always been a person who likes to eat, but I have never had problems due to the amount of exercises I did. When I entered university I left the sport a little (a lot), but I kept eating at the same pace. I had no serious health problems, but at the rate I was going I would have ended up having them in the long run.

Year after year I tried to solve it by exercising, but I never received a routine that lasted two months until last September. With the course completed (with my best results since I started computer engineering) I decided to change but it would not be easy. At the end of December, I see that I have made tremendous progress in my life and I think "thank God do not wait until 2018."

Your goal during the first few months will get used to.

I've tried it several times sometimes, and all attempts were a failure, so I tried to do something different. In recent years, Google Calendar has become one of my best allies for productivity. There I write everything I have to do for the university, my schedules, the articles that I must deliver that have an expiration date, everything.

At that time, I thought how Google Calendar could help me. I determined three days a week an event that would last an hour which consisted of going out to walk, an activity that is not very demanding and that my state of form allowed me to fulfill . These events would be repeated weekly during the month of September.

Walking is not something that would help me lose a lot of weight, but it has nevertheless been useful to create the habit in me, and I must do it for myself by putting such a trivial activity at the height of any of my university responsibilities, or the blog.

Put exercise and nutrition on the same level of importance as studies or work.

Once custom is created, doing new activities is much easier . In my case, I dared with the gym (weight lifting) and swimming under the same guidelines . Weekly reminders on Google Calendar and smooth drills for quizzes. The most important thing to start training is to assume that you can take one, two or even three months in which your sole goal is to get accustomed to the training.

Sports Applications Help?

Something quite common at the time to start making healthy life is to use applications, or directly to buy a wearable intended for sport. Most of the time, getting started here is a mistake, but that does not mean they are useless.

In the case of requests for a healthy life, I believe there are three types. First, we have the applications of running like Nike Running, Endomondo or Strava. These applications use the GPS of our mobile to follow the route and the speed that we are carrying. Once the training is over, we will have a record of our results.

Version: varies by device


Requires Android varies by device

Size: Varies by device

Version: varies by device

Author: Strava Inc.

Requires Android varies by device

Size: Varies by device

Either through an application or simply writing our times on paper, it seems to me a highly recommended practice. We must keep in mind the purpose with which we begin to record our times. During the months we are working to improve the habit to make better time or speed should never be a priority . We will note it as part of the routine, to know how often we are exercising every week. Do not worry about performance, which, when you take a while, you will see how you are progressing without looking for it.

Writing your routines helps to create a good habit, strengthening our commitment.

As for the applications of food, I have tested them myself and admit that it is a heavy thing that ends up leaving half the days of the week. As well as noting the exercise we do, this practice helps us regulate if we are eating more than we should. As the days go by and you see how many calories the exercise you are doing and how many calories you burn, you will even learn how to regulate which foods to avoid and how much of your favorite food is acceptable for those days you want give a prize.

Version: varies by device

Author: MyFitnessPal, Inc.

Requires Android varies by device

Size: Varies by device


Author: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Requires Android 4.4 and higher

As far as nutrition is concerned, I will not give you many tips, but I recommend reading to our colleague Roberto Méndez, both in Ciencia El Español and in Cookies a he is a doctor and controls a large part of the nutrition issue. Specifically, one of your most recent articles is perfect when it comes to improving our eating habits.

In Cocinillas – Healthy living habits that you should adopt this year.

Finally, we have the applications to do physical training. After testing several applications, I came to the conclusion that the best application of this style is the Nike Training . I've been using it for a while and your training plans are great. Yes, if you are of a sedentary lifestyle, I do not advise you, because even light activities end up being too much for our body. This is best for when you have good habits.

Smart watches, very useful, but you should create a habit

Finally, talk about wearables clocks or smart bands that can record the type of activity we recorded. In this category of accessories that only count steps like the Mi Band 2 for authentic sports watches like the more advanced models of Polar and Garmin. At an intermediate point it would be smart watches with Android Wear, Tizen or Watch OS that are not as accurate as a professional sports watch if they offer a reasonable level of accuracy for amateur athletes.

What function does the clock play? So bring the experience of the applications that accompany our pulse trainings, eliminating the need to charge the phone in our sessions.

Personally, it is an option that I can recommend, but nonetheless I consider more a luxury than something essential (which is not because of this). Thanks to them, we can track how many calories we are burning automatically, as well as the steps we take, or the quality of our sleep.

Like applications, for someone who just seeks to have a healthier lifestyle, I recommend this as tool that helps us to be aware of how much exercise we actually do and what we We can pay calories at mealtimes.

As a final part, I recommend that you follow the weekly podcast Nobody Train by the hand of our colleagues Paolo Álvarez and Pedro Moya, which you can also read in Runner's Word ]. They have already managed to get more than one on the blog to start training.


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