Some Motorola lose Bluetooth because of Google Play protect

Some Motorola lose Bluetooth because of Google Play protect


Google's analysis system has identified a suspicious Bluetooth application. The problem is suffering many Motorola.

Google Play Protect adds extra security to our phones because we'll now have an analysis system that will scan everything we've installed for potentially dangerous software . The system hit the Android store and also all smartphones; with some other problemilla, since they are suffering the owners of a Motorola cell phone.

Numerous users of a Moto are coming up with an unpleasant surprise: Bluetooth stops working . It does not involve a very deep problem because it can be easily solved, but you need to know how to do it. If it happened to you, we also tell you how to return your life to the Bluetooth of your Motorola phone.

Google Play Protect detects the Bluetooth application as potentially dangerous


The new Google security system, has already reached all Android is responsible for verifying that Android has not something dangerous installed. In the case of Motorola Play Protect, it detects the application " Bluetooth Share 7.0 ", so it alerts the user to delete. Before the alarm, the normal thing is that we do what the cell phone tells us, so automatically, Bluetooth becomes useless.

This Motorola application is a system, so it is not deleted as such and yes disabled . The bug is being met by the owners of Moto G4, G4 Plus and G4 Play but can be extended to more Motorola phones. If you agreed to disable the Bluetooth application, you only need to do the following to re-enable it.

  • Access your Moto settings and go to "Applications".
  • Click the top menu and look for the option " Reset preferences ".
  • Restore preferences for all applications. Data is not deleted.
  • Your Bluetooth will work correctly again. You should probably restart your mobile phone.

Google Play Protect will learn over time, so at the beginning, it will be common to find errors like this. Manufacturers are expected to contact Google to send the company a list with their secure system applications . Only then will users be sure that a secure application does not give a false positive.


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