Tattoodo, the social network for tattooists and tattooed where to find ideas

Tattoodo, the social network for tattooists and tattooed where to find ideas


Tattoodo is the perfect application for tattoo lovers. A social network where you can promote yourself as a tattoo artist or get ideas for your next tattoo.

Tattoos are the way some people express themselves. Drawings, pictures and actual artwork I saw in the form of paint under the skin. There are those who have one, two or almost the entire body. But the moments before making a new one is to look for and find the design you like.

To make this work easier, there is an Android application that can help you get inspired in the tattoo design you want to create. Without going any further, I want to make one and in the application I have seen some that can serve as a "base" for what I really want to do. This is usually useful when you go to a study since they already start from a base.

A social network for tattoo artists and tattooed


Tattoodo is the application we are talking about. A meeting point for those who want to get tattoos and tattoo artists who want to show themselves to the world. A great place for both purposes in this tattoo.

The application has a very simple interface and it is well organized . It has a main screen where it shows a little of everything with a hood of tattoos of the day. You can also discover new tattoo styles and see what's new about famous tattoo artists.

Your search engine will help you find something similar to what you have in mind

Although I personally believe that the strong point lies in its search engine. You can search according to a specific thing like cats (by typing "cat" for more results) or topics like "Japanese" if you like the oriental theme. Everything is to look for what you like best to look for something that guides you to the design that you have in your head, but you can not materialize.

In addition, Tattoodo helps you find tattoo studios in your area and makes it easy for you to contact them to arrange a tattoo schedule. Undoubtedly, one of the best applications for tattoo lovers.

Instagram of lovers of tattoos

Also serves as social network for fans of tattoos . You can upload photos of your tattoos either the one that gets the tattoo or the one that does it. In the images you can receive comments, I like and allow others to save on your profile as "bookmarks". An application that not only serves to see photos, but to give an opinion and that tattooists can see a "feedback" of their work.

This application is completely free and has no ads inside. You can register as a tattoo artist or as a user. Say you can also add your own store so they can find it if your type of tattoo really like it.


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