Telegram X, the official alternative that works even faster

Telegram X, the official alternative that works even faster


The new instant messaging experience is already on Android, The Telegram X has offered access to the service faster, smoother and much lighter. The functions are more or less the same as you might find in normal Telegram, but the new version makes use of TDLib to redo the application, making it the basis for future versions of Telegram.

Let's start with the beginning. What is TDLib? It is a set of libraries and databases that serve as the basis for the creation of a telegram cross-platform client that offers all the advantages of normal client, reducing development work. The TDLib project is located in a public GitHub so anyone can use it to create their own client. The first one that comes to us is official and experimental.

Telegram X: Devilishly fast, so versatile


Telegram ensures that your X version is fast and is such that: it works "peeling them". Switching between chats is noticed immediately, the roll is also great, accessing the settings is a matter of milliseconds and, in short, everything is seen much faster . And be careful, I've tried on a medium-range smartphone like the Honor 7X.

It's not that the official Telegram client is slow, but the changes in operation are welcome. Also in the application design: the new interface is made a bit cleaner with a lighter style for chats . In addition, we found direct settings for "Night mode" and "Bubble mode": Facebook Messenger messages for those who want.

 Telegram X, the official alternative that works even faster "</p>
<p> This <strong> first version of Telegram X </strong> is still experimental, so there may be some error. I did not know any, quite the contrary: it could be my client by default if it was not because I was still in English or missing details, such as the possibility of changing chat history. Although, installing both is an excellent way to have two Telegram accounts on the same device </strong> and no hassles. </p>
<h2> Download Telegram X now and try the new official alternative </h2>
<p> As I was saying, this Telegram X is official, so <strong> there is no risk of losing data stored in the cloud Telegram </strong>. It has the same security guarantees and does not (or will) have any type of advertisement. Do you? You know: Android has arrived by entering the big Google Play Store port. </p>
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Version: varies by device

Author: Telegram LLC

Requires Android varies by device

Size: varies by device


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