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test and direct messages [APK]


Do you want to try direct messages from Instagram? Apk is now available for you to install on your phone. If you use instant messaging only, this is your application.

The news jumped into the media today: Instagram was making a Facebook Messenger to make its message independent of the rest of the social network. This makes some sense as there will be many users who just want to use the direct function of the network but also creates a dilemma between those who wish to use both aspects of the service. Should they install two applications? Everything seems to indicate yes .

The ad had skipped this morning without being 100% official, so it was only a matter of time before the Apk file was leaked to install in parallel. And we have here, courtesy of Apk Mirror . Do you want to test how the new WhatsApp opponent has developed in their own ranks? The file is just below.

Simple to use and with Instagram integration

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Direct is an application intended for direct messages using (or not) photography. The main screen will be the camera, so we can send a direct photo to whomever we want . Also a written message if we slide the screen from top to bottom and we will access the options if we slide from left to right. You see, sliding is the key in the interface . Did you hear Snapchat?

We can send images and text to any of the Instagram contacts. Direct keeps the private conversations we've already set in the generic application so we can continue them from there simply by continuing to write or send more images. Without much more to add: Instagram Direct is the "rotation" of the message that maintains characteristics identical to the one we know in the complete application. Neither the design varies in excess: minimalist and with the presence of gradients brand of the house.

 Instagram Direct is official: try your direct message </p>
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<p> One last thing is that if we put ourselves on the chats screen, and slide from right to left, <strong> we will go directly to Instagram in its full version </strong>. A leap that does not involve any transition: note that Facebook plans to split the social network and messaging services, keeping both applications as close as possible. </p>
<h2> Instagram Direct is not yet available in most territories </h2>
<p> We were already expecting a "soft launch" or a release from the countries, so do not come again: <strong> We will not be able to download Instagram direct messages from the Google Play Store </strong>. Although it's what Apk Mirror is for: the installable file works perfectly. Download <a href= from this link .


Author: Instagram

Requires Android 4.1 and above


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