Test your nerves and reaction speed with the game Hopstacle

Test your nerves and reaction speed with the game Hopstacle


Hopstacle is that game that will test you to see your reaction speed and your ability to overcome levels by jumping the obstacles that come in.

I was on the street with my friend when he suddenly says to me: " Hey Manu, do you know the Hopstacle game? Several on Twitter seem to be addicted ". My friends often talk about apps or interesting things related to Android that they see. They are always willing to offer me topical ideas. Often they are things that we have tried in the blog, but others like this game,

This game is one of those that are simple but they put you to test in each level. A game where your score depends on how many levels you pass. Ideal for competing with your group of friends and see who went further. Very similar to other games like Geometry Dash where your reflexes must have rhythms of music to overcome the levels.

Three levels on a screen, test your reflexes


Hopstacle that's the name, and if you're familiar with English, you'll know what it's all about. As the name implies, the game is "Hop" and "Obstacle", that is, of jumps and obstacles. A game where each level is formed of three platforms with obstacles you have to dodge jumps based on the right moment. When it exits on one side of the screen, it enters the same side on the next level.

You have a limited number of lives specifically 25. Every time you hit an obstacle, you lose a life. So until you lose all your lives and your game is over. You have the possibility to watch an advertising video and gain 15 lives. But it is not indefinite. That way, you may have more opportunities to deal with a difficult phase. There are times when it is a real headache because it does not give you time to jump to avoid the obstacle.

To know what level you are, it's as easy as seeing the number you have in the upper right corner. Both there and when you spend all your lives, you can see at what level you are and if you are close to overcoming your personal challenge. Although I think it's best not to look at the level you are at, not to make you nervous.

The typical free game, simple and that engages you

The game is completely free but we can not escape the advertising . In the end is the method that developers have to make money. In the experience of my game, I did not get tired of so much publicity. On the contrary, I managed to play well, although, of course, with some publicity and other ads to get another 15 lives. Although sometimes I would throw it because I could not jump the first obstacle …

Let's say you have the option of to pay € 1.99 to get rid of all the ads . You can continue to see an ad for another 15 lives. But if you do not pay, you can play equally, with ads, but you can play.

This type of games are the ones that most downloads then take over. Because they are simple, they do not consume resources and almost all mobile devices can run it. In a group of friends is a magnet to see who goes further. Me, for example, with my friend, we are biting to see who goes further.

Version: 1.3


Requires Android 4.1 and above


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