That Huawei does not enter the US is positive for users from...

That Huawei does not enter the US is positive for users from other countries


This year's CES in Las Vegas has promised to be one of the most important in Huawei's history. The Chinese firm ended the margins of an agreement that would allow to enter the US market, one of the largest, hand in hand with a major operator, AT & T.

However, at the last minute, the American company fell back . It is rumored that the political pressures of the Trump administration have had to do and that is that in Washington they do not see with good eyes that a Chinese company enters their country, because of the supposed ties with the government of its native country.

AT & T backed down because it hopes the approval of politicians will merge with the entertainment giant Time Warner so it was not convenient to face the country's leaders.

Something negative for American users


This was seen as a setback for Huawei, which is obvious, but there are more harmed. Less competition causes users to also be damaged by having fewer options to choose from, as commented by Richard Yu CEO of the company's mobile division.

One of the cellphones I was planning to market in the US is Huawei Mate 10, and as we explained to you, it was one of the top strengths of the high-end in 2017 for its low price compared to its direct rivals.

Entry into the United States without the support of a large operator is impossible. There, 90% of the handsets are sold that way. The free market is almost non-existent.

Something positive for South Americans and Europeans

However, as often happens when making many decisions, there is no harm that does not go well.

That Huawei does not enter the North American market implies that the resources it would allocate there, and that they are huge because of the huge amounts of marketing money that must be spent, focus in other countries .

In addition to China, Huawei has presence, either directly or through the Honor, in Latin America and Europe and these are the two main markets where the company should seek to maintain growth in 2018.

Same markets, cheaper phones

Expansion into established markets will make Huawei more difficult to increase the number of cell phones sold and, although it also works with cheap handsets to make it more viable, in these two large market users they do not just search for basic phones.

This could cause Huawei to make an effort to lower the price of its proposals comparatively to its rivals even more aggressively than we have seen in recent years.

The Huawei Mate 10 surprised to start at 699 euros in Spain and the Honor View 10 with the 499 also has a very tempting price.

This year we will see the Huawei P11 (or P20) and the Huawei Mate 11. We will see if the prices of these high end terminals are not affected by the decision that occurred in those days in Las Vegas.


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