The 5 lessons we learned with the Xiaomi Mi Mix

The 5 lessons we learned with the Xiaomi Mi Mix


This morning we met two new Xiaomi handsets. On the one hand, we know the Xiaomi Mi Note 3, a rather modest renewal, compared to Mi Note 2 that points to the middle of the reach, although it was not the main protagonist of the event.

The Xiaomi My Mix 2 was that captured most of the attention and not for less. Its predecessor was one of last year's stars thanks to its innovative design without chamfers.

That yes, sometimes being innovative is not enough to get a bestseller. Price and quality in general are crucial factors that can bring to light all the positives that bring exclusivity.

A few months ago we analyzed the Xiaomi Mi Mix and the truth is that it was full of lights and shadows. In this new generation, the Chinese company seems to have learned from its mistakes, finding a terminal that seems to have improved a lot. This is what we learned from the Xiaomi Mi Mix, a generation later

You do not have to do it big enough to understand …

The first-generation Xiaomi Mi blend was colossal, not just the 6.44-inch screen. Its dimensions of 158.8 x 81.9 x 7.9 mm and 209 grams of weight are marks that make it a very big and heavy terminal for the general public, something that had repercussions in the acceptance by the community. Even within the brand opt for terminals like the Mi 5S was much more sensitive.

We will not fool ourselves, not that Xiaomi has bet on this size of purpose. One of the strengths of Xiaomi is the internal design of the components and the highlight of a terminal was much easier in this format than in more compact models . Thanks to this "ease", they managed to advance a few months to Samsung and LG, something that at the marketing level says a lot about the company.

… but specifications matter

There were all errors in the original Mi Xiaomi mix. One of the key points that Xiaomi is known for is his bet on the technical file. The original model stood out for its great power, and in this second generation we have more of the same. The specs are back to the top, and the truth is we were not expecting this.

In such a expensive phone, the camera can become everything

 Review of the Xiaomi Mi Mix, a cell phone that leaves a mark

Despite having praised the great power of the terminal, the company failed in the most important point of the high-end, and it is the camera. As the hardware has evolved, it is still important to have the best, but you can have a good experience with more modest specifications. The company itself demonstrates this with terminals such as Redmi Note 4.

What users do not forgive when buying a high-flying terminal is the photographic experience. Little by little, the camera became one of the high-end key points, and considering the cost of the Mi Mix, its photographic level was the biggest disappointment.

We went from an OV16880 sensor to a Sony IMX 386 which on paper is quite superior. It will be necessary to see if the company has also improved the lenses and the processing software, aspect that every day is more important and in which the Xiaomi still does not take the size today.

The camera has improved, although we still do not know if that will be enough.

The importance of updates is sometimes crucial

 MIUI 9 arrives in beta for 12 Xiaomi cell phones: Mi 5, Mi MIX, Mi 5s ... "width =" 1200 "height =" 580

One of the most distinguishing points of Xiaomi is its software . We found Android, yes, but with a layer of customization worked, which reminds us aesthetically of iOS.

Behind a large number of features, we find a large point against, and it is the difficulty of updating . While it is true that the update policy under its customization layer is very good (the five-year mobile phones will receive the MIUI 9), the Android version updates are generally not as good (instead they are in the form of Android ).

Android 7.0 Nougat took many months to reach the Xiaomi Mi Mix one of the cell phones that best enjoy the multiventana. Fortunately, Mis Mix 2 will come standard with this version.

Experiments with magic are not a good idea

<img class = "aligncenter size-full wp-image-325159" src = " .jpg "alt =" Xiaomi My Mix 2 real does not look anything like the official photos "

Xiaomi made many sacrifices to achieve this excellent proportion of screen. To get a screen that covered most of the screen, it was necessary to hide some components, such as the main handset and proximity sensor, that were hidden behind the screen

On paper looked like something megafuturist as if they had invented magic . What was the reality of this experience? The sound seemed far worse than in a conventional headset. Xiaomi learned the lesson, and the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 will not have this type of speaker, and will bet on one of the whole life.

Experiences are not always a good idea.

Not all improved on Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is a big step ahead of the Chinese company. As we have seen, there are many points where the brand has significantly improved its product, but there are other aspects that have been left in the way we are not just convinced.

If we had to point out the most obvious would be the front camera . We do not like the original model to remain in the bottom frame of such a complex website, we like the alternative that chose Samsung and LG in their models with few frames.

On the other hand, the subject of pictures seems to be less successful this time, since in the press images it seems that it does not have pictures, the reality of the product is quite different. We are also concerned about the reduction of the battery, since is 1000 mAh less although in this respect we can not judge it until we prove it.


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