The 5 phones that must have an Android One version

The 5 phones that must have an Android One version


We think about what smartphones should have an Android One version on the market. Mobiles for which pure Android would look cool.

There are many users, including myself, who prefer pure Android to a modified version of Google's operating system. Customization layers create two smartphones with the same different operating system. Whether for its functionalities or its aesthetics. But back to what we said before, there are those who prefer pure Android.

In the current market, there are not many devices that opt ​​for pure Android as an operating system. We have the Google terminals, such as the Pixel already known or the future Pixel 2 as the main referent of pure Android. But then there are other brands that do not modify the operating system much when incorporated into their devices. An example could be BQ, Nokia or Sony . Brands whose operating system does not differ only with pure Android

If you followed the current, you will see the recent Xiaomi Mi A1 the first smartphone of the Chinese manufacturer who owns pure Android. This pure Android is under the seal of Android One, a proposal from Google to incorporate the Android no extras for terminals with few benefits that allow it to work better than with a top layer. But Xiaomi seems not to be thinking about launching an incoming cell phone and launched a cell phone in the middle and high range.

Android One is a bit similar to what it was before the versions of Google Play Edition . Devices with a variant with pure Android and focused for developers. After launching this Xiaomi Mi A1, it opened the possibility for manufacturers to launch some devices with good performances but equipped with Android One One Android One. So we think that these smartphones, if they had a variant with Android One, we would like to receive it with open arms.

Huawei P10

huawei analysis p10 plus "

Huawei terminals are very good devices in terms of specifications and design. The recent Huawei P10 and Huawei P10 Plus have a very remarkable performance, in addition to a Leica photographic sensor at its best. But as we said before, the marks are differentiated between them by the layer of customization that they include and in Huawei we have Emui, a layer that does not like all of them.

So if this smartphone had an Android One version without losing the benefits of the device, it would be well received among those who prefer pure Android.

Samsung Galaxy A5

For several years, Samsung was criticized for incorporating TouchWiz into their devices. A layer of customization that impacted the performance of the device more than it should. But the South Korean company has learned its mistakes and now the layer that carries its smartphones is lighter, but still distinguishes itself from pure Android. In addition, they are devices with a very curious performance and an elegant design. If we do this with Android One, we can have a device that appeals to users who prefer pure Android.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

 Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X, now with Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 "width =" 1050 "height =" 632 "/> </p>
<p> There are mixed feelings between Xiaomi devices, especially among those who look at the operating system it includes. <strong> MIUI </strong> The included ROM in Xiaomi terminals is not suitable for all tastes. It is a version that moves away from pure Android and this, for users who prefer Android, because Google gives, do not like. </p>
<p> But having MIUI is no reason to leave out the Xiaomi terminals because we are talking about devices with performances well above the sale price. Terminals like the <strong> Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X </strong> with a price of about 150 € and such benefits, if there was an Android One version, would be one of the smartphones that I would recommend yes or yes when asked.</p>
<h2> OnePlus 5 </h2>
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Yes, OnePlus has its own operating system that comes very close to pure Android, but it is a custom ROM from the manufacturer. It has applications and a slightly different interface than we can see in a Pixel. In addition, the updates go on the part of OnePlus and not by Google, as if it were Android One. So a version of OnePlus 5 endowed with Android One would be well received


 The LG G6 Pro and the LG G6 Plus will be the new versions of the original </p>
<p> The LG G6 when I tried it, I saw that the interface and other operating systems included did not resemble everything I had seen pure Android. But as with tastes, there is nothing written, there will be people who do not like this flat and minimalist look and prefer <a href= Material design just like Google gives it. That's why an LG G6 with Android One would not reject it as it would allow the South Korean company to update much faster and satisfy Android lovers.

Bonus: iPhone 7

<img class = "aligncenter size-full wp-image-302215" src = " "alt =" The Samsung Galaxy S8 in front of the iPhone 7, dueling titans "

Personally, I always say that one of my perfect smartphones would be an iPhone with Android. I love the design of the iPhone, I like your specifications and especially the camera. Such a compact, lightweight device and so good materials, if I had Android that I like much more than iOS would be the key. But personally, I do not think we'll ever see something like that on the part of the apple company.

And you, what phone would you put Android One to be a safe buy?


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