The Android phone application will offer Duo video calls

The Android phone application will offer Duo video calls


Google plans a deep review of the native Android application with respect to the phone. You will soon be able to make video calls thanks to integration with the Duo.

If there's a segment on which Google thrashed, that's the message. How many applications has this company launched and how many have been left in the graveyard of forgotten services? Talk, Buzz, Wave … Or Hangouts the last victim who, despite having almost disappeared from the panorama, will maintain its services for professionals. What remains? Allo and Google Duo, for chat and video-calling, respectively. Or will they finally come together under the telephone application?

An application to govern them all, maybe this is the horizon of communication on Android. Practical to get in touch with someone and something that Google would plan in light of the latest Android Police discovery : version 12 of the Android phone application already shows Google Duo integration ] .

Record video calls in the phone application with the button to do them directly

The Android phone application will offer Duo video calls "src =" size-full "title =" The Android phone application will offer Duo video calls


The integration between Duo and the native phone application has not yet been performed, but the code contains all the keys that indicate the steps to follow by Google. Video calls made will appear in the phonebook and will be marked with a video camera icon . In this way, we will have a record of voice and video communications through a single application instead of having the phone and Duo separately.

As stated in Android Police is not yet available, the video call option directly from the phone application, but it is certainly a matter of time. It is a logical step for a system that aspires to offer all communication options as standard; although for this a separate application must be used.

And now we confirm that the option of video calls from the phone will be possible on Android at least on those mobile phones that

have the official application of the system.

The parsed version is number 12. The update is now available, but you can download Apk and install it without waiting. Only compatible with Pixel, Nexus and those with Android in their stock version.

Version: varies by device


Requires Android varies by device

Size: Varies with device


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