The application that does nothing has more than 1 million downloads

The application that does nothing has more than 1 million downloads


Can an application do nothing to be a true winner in downloads? Merit takes nothing. A useless app with a million installations and full of ironic comments.

The story of Nothing did not start two days ago because the app in question has a huge three years in the Google Play Store . One might think that during that time, the developer could have done something with it, but not: deserving his name, he did nothing. Absolutely nothing, just like the usefulness of Nothing.

Right, an application that, once downloaded, does nothing more than open with a blank screen and a "nothing" tagged in the center . Nothing more than that, an application whose quality depends on the name. But in addition to the disappointment that someone could take, the developer does not stay at any time: neither the name of the application nor the file. A walk through the comments involves a walk through the sarcasm made evaluation.

The success of the application that does nothing, all a scorn for those who do it

I have to say that the Nothing application does not at any time try to trick or call attention to generating clicks on advertising or data abuse: is clean . Although yes, doing nothing weighs 13 MB. Because? It really has a trick: when you insist on doing "something," nothing teaches little secrets. Like a Gif that appears in the middle of the screen or a hidden video from Konami.

The application that does nothing really does things. Absolutely useless

Maybe it's fun to download an application that does nothing and laugh about it, I set up to check how it went. I can corroborate you: is a more useless application than trying to diet during Christmas . It does absolutely nothing and strongly recommend that you do not download it. While this, reads the reviews from the Google Play Store, they have no waste.

 The application that does nothing has more than 1 million downloads "[=</p>
<p> Beyond irony, humor and sarcasm, <strong> Nothing aspires to anything </strong>. This is a problem, as developers strive to promote their visualization applications more often than they should, which have no future. Nothing is a comparative complaint to these developers: <strong> you can succeed without doing anything </strong> literally. It's ridiculous. </p>
<h2> Over 1 million downloads with almost 50,000 4 star ratings </h2>
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Nothing is safe, insists on doing nothing also when it comes to monetizing

Instead of rewarding those who try to laugh at the effort, I think we should properly evaluate what we download so that stars and comments, enhance the quality of applications . Because yes, these comments are pretty funny, but they have no real utility for the user who lands on anything through a search. Yes, just read the description to get a precise idea of ​​what you will receive by downloading the application, but your popularity invites you to join their networks to follow grace .

Let's reward those who actually work on their developments, that on Android there are a lot of unknown apps and games that deserve recognition. Because if something does nothing, it is best not to download, there are many other applications that do things. Let's bet on them.


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