The best Android phones of 2018 should have these features

The best Android phones of 2018 should have these features


Every year, a specification pattern is marked in the high range. The brands launch to the market the best they have and it is here that the limit that separates a high reach from an average reach is established.

Next year, brands will have to have certain characteristics and specifications linked by the evolution of the market. For example, a manufacturer can not start a device that does not have the reduced frames and enjoy the front. Because this already belongs to the high-end standard.

Let's now talk about the specifications that should have the end of the year 2018 by the requirements of this year. The evolution of the market is necessary to maintain the attention of the buyers, but also pushes the brands to continue innovating and maintaining what already offered. It is easy to get used to good, but not to bad.

Double camera


Dual camera photo sensors are here to stay. There were brands like the Galaxy S8 that did not mount a dual sensor but Galaxy Note 8 seems to have taken the step. This shows that all brands already have a dual sensor to mount on their phones. Both Samsung and LG, Huawei and a long etcetera.

Two lenses cameras let you get more information than you want to capture and play more with this information for different results. We have the 2X optical zoom for a sensor exclusively in black and white . All this allows the software to offer different results.

After seeing how the big brands already incorporate a dual camera sensor, in 2018 we will see that the high range will also opt for this type of sensors. Users complain and have to give them if they want sales.

Screens without frames that take advantage of the frontal

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<p> This year we saw how brands have chosen to reduce as much as the frames on their front screen can. The LG G6 offers great advantage from the front, the Galaxy S8 also, the iPhone 8 is expected too and Xiaomi has the <a href= My Mix . Huawei, we already saw, since it did not target the car and Nokia with its high range. But next year, this will be a standard for mobile phones that exceed 600 €.

Frameless screens are the best way to provide a larger screen size without sacrificing overall device size. Before the 6 inches took up the whole hand and were unmanageable with just one and now it's amazing how a cell phone with a 6 inch screen is the same size or almost one of the 5.

So we hope that, in 2018, the brands that have not entered the car, do. It is something that will be required and especially after Apple's incorporation into this trend. The apple company influences a lot in the market, no matter how much we want to say no.

Memory RAM of 6GB

Our smartphones are increasingly used for heavier tasks. So much so that users already require fluid performance and can be upgraded in most situations. They want their smartphone not to slow down if they paid a good amount of money. It's normal, nobody wants something so they paid a lot to work as a smartphone that is cheaper. Where would the difference be then?

That's why many brands have already marked the 6GB as the standard of the next few years in RAM. Before it was the 3GB and then the 4GB as normal, although now jumped in 6GB. But what can not be contemplated is that they have 3 GB of RAM, a high-end smartphone.

Fingerprint sensor

You should not name this resource because anyone already has it. But the fingerprint sensor is a must have both high range and late times in the middle range. More recent methods, such as the iris scanner can be added, but will need to include the fingerprint sensor. It is something that has been adopted and users no longer have, it is strange to have their standard or pin whenever they unlock. Not to mention the applications of banks that allow you to pay using the footprint.


Little by little the USB-C is seen in more devices. The new USB standard is present in more devices and users are getting used to this reversible connector. The other day I was already at a boy's house and trying my luck I asked if I had a USB-C charger and my surprise was that I did and not only him among us all.

So the USB-C will be a must in the high-end of Android phones to be released in 2018. And Samsung has taken the step and now continues to see if, ultimately, Apple succumbs to Union demands and you agree to put this connector in place of your own. Given that your laptops only have this connector, and what less, no?

As we said, the market evolves and there are certain things that are already becoming mandatory for manufacturers. Here is what we ask a high-end smartphone to be introduced next year. If I did not have something of this, it would be rare and I would be one step behind the other manufacturers that do.

And you, what would you ask for a high-end smartphone for 2018 that we do not call it? Double speaker? QuadHD screen? Comment


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