The best applications to control your money from the cell phone

The best applications to control your money from the cell phone


Not only you can use the bank application to control the money of your mobile. If you have multiple accounts, or if you want to maintain tighter control, a separate application can be very useful. And we show you the best apps to do it.

Money is one of the most complicated things to be controlled in modern times. Banks already have applications that we can carry on the cell phone, but can become chaotic as soon as we have the money distributed in different accounts or places. So why not have an application that monitors all our money ?

There are dozens of applications for Android, and for other operating systems, to control money. But which ones are the best? What application should I use to monitor my money? In El Androide Libre, we are preparing to find the best applications to manage money from your cell phone.

What are the requirements?


We are looking for apps to help us control our money . They must bear our expenses and our income, allow multiple portfolios, have a good design and be clear. Extra points are required if they allow us to create budgets, add more bank accounts or sync with our bank. User privacy is also taken into account.

The winner: Fintonic

Fintonic is undoubtedly the most successful Spanish application in this respect. They were born in 2012 as a request to administer our money . Since then, they have evolved into a tool that helps us control our money, save money or even know our credit score.

Its great forces are in their functions. In addition to being able to connect multiple accounts at the same time and see them all at a glance, we can receive alerts of all of them. Also includes sections that categorize our expenses, indicate the locations where we can save. And it even has a tool that generates a sort of "financial note" similar to the one banks use to value us as customers.

The disadvantage of Fintonic, and most applications of this type, is how to earn revenue. Being a free application Fintonic divides your income in two ways. The first is to offer us personalized advertising and the second is to sell the anonymous data that they collect from users to other companies. This may not be fun for everyone, especially when we talk about our bank accounts. In the case of Fintonic, your webapp also leaves a lot to be desired.

If you are willing to have this data assignment occur, then Fintonic works perfectly . What could improve a lot is your web application, with an outdated design and without all the functions. It works with the vast majority of Spanish banks, even with special cards and is available for free.


Author: Fintonic Servicios Financieros S.L.

Requires Android 4.0.3 and above

Silver Medal: Spendee

Spendee's story is quite similar to that of Fintonic. We are talking about a startup in the Czech Republic that has also created an application for personal finance, which is compatible with banks across Europe (via Salt Edge). It also includes several Spanish banks, though not all, nor the wide selection that Fintonic has.

In addition to concentrating multiple accounts in one place, The expense splits expenses and revenues for each calendar month . The graphics are perfect and simple, ideal for viewing expenses over a month. We can create custom budgets to track, adjust our spending, and also send us notifications.

The bad with Spendee is the same as with Fintonic. They do not offer personal advertising or financial services within the application, but collect personal data to conduct market research. This happens only if we connect our bank account; we do not give permission for this if we present the data ourselves. The connection with banks also gives some problems, making it not a perfect application.

If you are looking for an alternative application for Fintonic, your bank is compatible and you value more design and simplicity, Spendee can be a good alternative. The basic version is free and works as the connection to the banks are following a signature of 2.99 € per month . A possible additional disadvantage is that it is only available in English.

Version: 3.4.3

Author: SPENDEE s.r.o.

Requires Android 4.1 and above

Bronze medal: Portfolio

The Portfolio is the work of a company called BudgetBankers, also from the Czech Republic. Its focus is to determine where to spend the money, allocate money for these categories and follow it with our daily expenses. Wallet will give us information about how we are spending money and can make decisions based on these changes. We can also add loyalty cards.

As bad parts, it is little compatible with Spanish banks . To be exact, it is compatible with the same banks as Spendee. The reason is that they use the same provider of connections for banks, Salt Edge. In our experience, the connection to Salt Edge does not always work and leaves something to be desired. Of course your privacy policy (accessed November 28) does not indicate that any data is sold to third parties or used for studies.

The BudgetBakers Wallet is available for free although, as in Spendee, details such as bank synchronization compel you to buy a subscription. These subscriptions start at € 3.59 per month, with discounts on annual plans.

Version: 4.9.25


Requires Android 4.1 and above

Other alternatives

Clarity Money

Clarity Money is a beautiful application in design that even keeps accounts of the monthly payments we have to cancel those we no longer use. The problem is that although it is compatible with some Spanish banks, it is an application focused on the North American market. Even the only currency that allows use is the dollar.

Version: 1.1.1

Author: Clarity Money, Inc

Requires Android 4.4 and higher


Mint suffers the same problem: we can only create an account if we are Americans. If we fulfill the requirement, it is one of the most widely used accounting services in the US for good reason.

Version: varies by device

Author: Intuit Inc

Requires Android varies by device

Size: Varies by device


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