The best hidden gestures we can find on Android

The best hidden gestures we can find on Android


Yes, Android has gestures. It is very useful.

Yes, on Android we have gestures. Or maybe you can call it better "shortcuts" with which the Android experience becomes a bit more intuitive. Many of them you will already know and many others will not. But they are tricks, small adjustments that can help you manage the system much more agile.

Anyway, we must clarify that these changes can vary between layers of customization. So we will mainly focus on the purest layer of Android: Android stock, pure or AOSP, as you wish. Let's start!


The most basic: things we already know

Let's start with little tricks and gestures that surely more than one knew. These shortcuts that we will comment on are mainly in Android 7 Nougat and Android 8 Oreo. Let's start with some of the simpler ones: the "double-tap" button from recent applications or slide the quick-adjust panel with two fingers.

If we give the recent button twice, we will to the last application we opened instantly. It is a gesture that, if you did not know it, you should start using it because it is the most useful on the list. The other gesture is to download the notification panel directly with two fingers. If we do it instead of with a finger, we will directly display the quick settings.

 The best hidden gestures we can find on Android "</p>
<p> So we'll comment on two more than certainty that you also knew, but maybe they passed on to you. We'll talk <strong> about the famous split screen </strong> and some gestures you can make in notifications. </p>
<p> Let's start with the split screen. If you continue to press the recent button, <strong> you will split the screen </strong> and you can run two sized applications at the same time. This detail varies much more from layer to layer, and there are applications where it does not work. But if you have a pretty big screen or a tablet, this will do very good in your day to day. </p>
<p> And then we have the notifications. It was on Android 5 Lollipop when new notification systems were introduced and on Android 8 when they were completely polished. There's so much more behind what you can do with it, and it's a world that maybe you did not know. </p>
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If you slip enough notification to display a hidden menu without discarding it, you can select your priority and if you're on Android 8 Oreo, postpone the notifications to leave later. And even though you have compatible applications, you can select notification channels. You have a longer post here.

Let's go to something more unknown

 The best hidden gestures we can find on Android "</p>
<p> You need to clarify something before you begin. These gestures can vary depending on the customization layer you use and it is more than possible that depending on what you have there are more gestures and shortcuts that you do not know about. That's why we urge you to review your device settings and investigate. </p>
<p> One gesture we recommend <strong> is the long press on shortcuts </strong> in the quick settings panel. If you continue to press the Wi-Fi icon, the mobile data or any other data will take you to the direct section of settings so that you can configure it better. </p>
<p> This gesture can be extended to all the icons, besides the settings that you will find in that panel. That is, if you press for example, for example, time, battery percentage or alarm, you will go to the sections or applications. </p>
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 The best hidden gestures we can find on Android "</p>
<p> The application I recommend downloading is <strong> Finger Scanner Gestures </strong> an application that will give the gestures you want to your fingerprint reader. Its design is exquisite, its features are very varied and you can configure it to your liking. </p>
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Version: 4.2

Author: Tomiati Dev

Requires Android 4.1 and above

Version: varies by device

Author: Carlos Morera de la Chica

Requires Android varies by device

Size: Varies by device

Version: 1.2.4

Author: TTH Studios

Requires Android 6.0 and above


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