The best phones for less than 500 euros (September 2017)

The best phones for less than 500 euros (September 2017)


Choosing a cell phone is not always as easy as it sounds. There are more and more phones on the market and the differences are much harder to see. Do you have 500 euros for your new cell phone and do not know what to choose? We tell you what is your best option and other alternatives.

The best: LG G6

<img class = "aligncenter size-full wp-image-298871" src = "" alt = "LG V30: new images and data about their sound"

The LG G6 is a cell phone that has left us very good sensations when trying. Its screen, water resistance and unique features, such as its second wide-angle camera and being one of the few HDR certified devices, are worth using.


Your biggest points are against your front camera (not recommended if you're a self-fan) and have a processor a bit smaller than your rivals, although the latter does not matter too much, considering that this works very well.

The best: Water resistant, canvas with few frames, single double chamber.

The worst: Front camera and lower power.

LG G6 – Free Android Smartphone (QHD Plus Full Vision 5.7 "display, 13MP camera, 32GB memory, Android 7.0), white

Your best alternative: Huawei Mate 9

One of the best phones last year, which with the passage of time was placed at a reasonably attractive price. Although his successor is presented in October, it is still a highly recommended cell phone.

Its great advantages are its double camera certified by Leica, its large screen almost six inches in a fairly contained body and its generous battery. If you are big cell phone, it is the best purchase you can make. Likewise, if you prefer a cell phone, more content is not worth it.

The best: Performance, big screen and lots of battery.

The worst: Maybe too big. Layer customization that everyone does not like

 Huawei - Free smartphone mate 9 width gray =

Huawei – matt smartphone free 9 gray

The most powerful: OnePlus 5

<img class = "aligncenter size-full wp-image-315765" src = " "alt =" OnePlus 5 is upgraded to enhance your dual rear camera "

OnePlus was criticized for the launch of this terminal. Despite everything, it proved to be a formidable piece of furniture thanks to its specifications. The best processor, lots of memory and a clean operating system that, besides going like a bullet, allows us to have some degree of customization.

The camera has also improved since the previous generation, and its design now looks more like the Apple star terminal. Another point against it resides on your screen, which emits an effect called jelly when sliding in the menus. If these points do not matter to you, it's a great cell phone, which can also be discounted if you're a student.

The best: Power and fluency, updates of the oxygen OS.

The worst: The jello effect of the screen may irritate.

OnePlus 5 in his official store.

I want a Chinese cell phone: Xiaomi Mi 6

Over the years, Xiaomi has become the king of quality / price, and this Mi 6 proof. With the best Qualcomm processor and a very smooth customization layer (though similar to Apple's iOS).

The best: A lot of power at a contained price, camera.

The worst: No headphone connector

There are currently no product reviews.

Other alternatives

Have not you been convinced by any of our best alternatives? Looking for a cell phone with more screen and have a warranty? Are you tired of the usual designs? We recommend these other phones.

Huawei P10 and Honor 9

 Huawei P10 "width =" 1280 "height =" 854

If the least convincing of Huawei Mate 9 was its size, we have good news. The Huawei P10 is a cell phone that inherits many of Mate 9's goods in a much more retained size. It is so fast and has a camera on the same level, although a little lower range (but a faster load).

On the other hand, Honor 9 is a cell phone that is

The best: Very good dual camera and performance.

The worst: Your Emui customization layer is not for all tastes

<img src = "" alt = "<img src =" https: //images-eu.ssl-images Huawei P10 – Free Smartphone (5.1 "gb =" "ram =" "mp =" "android =" "color =" "black =

Huawei P10 – Free Smartphone (5.1 ", 4G, 64GB, 4GB RAM, 20MP / 8MP, Android 7), Color Black

Honor 9 on the Amazon

I want a good camera: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

<img class = "aligncenter size-full wp-image-265437" src = " .jpg "alt =" The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Sy Edge will receive Nougat with Grace UX "

For many the best cell phone last year, not for less. The former flagship of South Koreans is still a very good cell phone, especially if you are looking for a good screen and a first-class camera. To date, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is still the best phone in this regard. The best in these two aspects in its price.

The best: Camera and water resistance, very balanced.

The worst: Maybe a little less powerful than its rivals.

 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Android Free for Mobile (5.5 "bluetooth =" "v4.2 =" "gb =" "==" ram = "" mp = "125

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Android Smartphone (5.5 ", Bluetooth v4.2, 4GB RAM, 32GB, 12MP), black color

I want modules: Motorola Moto Z

 The Motorola Moto Z Play is updated for Android 7.1.1 Nougat "width =" 1113 "height =" 616

One of Motorola's most innovative bets last year was the Motorola Moto Z. This is a high-end cell phone whose main feature is a system by which we can enhance our experience through modules that are coupled in no way magnetic .

Your negative point? That your battery is not very good (although we can improve it by modules). It also has no headphone jack, so think about it if you still use this port.

The best: Modules, screen.

The worst: Battery and absence of headset.

 Lenovo Moto Z Smartphone 5.5 inch (32GB internal memory, 4GB RAM, 13MP camera) color black width =

Lenovo Moto Z Smartphone 5.5 inches (32GB internal memory, 4GB RAM, 13MP camera) color black


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