The best Windows emulator for Android already has a final version, although...

The best Windows emulator for Android already has a final version, although it is not worth it


Emulators allow us to use applications or programs that have been designed for a system or platform that is not ours. The new version of Wine allows us to use Windows applications on Android, although the truth is that it is still under development very early.

Those who use Linux on your computer, you certainly know Wine. It is an emulator that allows us to use programs and games designed for Windows on Linux based operating systems. With the new version 3.0, an Android application arrives, although the truth is that nothing works well to be considered an end application.

Wine launches an Android application, although it probably will not work

The popular Windows emulator releases version 3.0 one of the largest in its history. Among the many new features, we already have a final application for Android.

Does this mean that we can run Windows programs on our mobile? The theory says yes, although it is only possible to use Windows programs compatible with the ARM processor (ie storage applications or Windows RT) at the moment, unless you have a cell phone with an Intel processor.

You can download the file APK through the following link although the truth is that we recommend that you do not do it, since its performance and stability make it completely unusable.

As we said, although it is the first official version of Android (the previous ones were Release Candidate ), the truth is that it probably will not work on your phone. We tested on multi-brand terminals (Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Honor) and we could not go beyond a gray screen in case it did not close before we started.

The truth is that although it sounds silly, the development of Wine on Android is interesting considering that more and more manufacturers are choosing to include a PC mode in their flagship terminals. Who knows if Wine could end up being one of the best applications for the future Fuchsia OS .

Do you think Wine for Android has a future?


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