the beta adds superheroes, villains, manga …

the beta adds superheroes, villains, manga …


Unicode is in full debate for the incorporation of new emoji in 2018. The beta 11 of the standard adds 130 new emoji; which will be ratified in January 2018.

Emoji have become a means of communication that goes beyond words. The saying goes: "A picture is worth more …". And if, in addition, funny and funny drawings and recreate all possible situations and emotions it is logical that they are the most used in a smartphone. In addition, they are in continuous renewal.

Unicode is the agency that is responsible for regulating the standards of typography in electronic devices. He is also tasked with approving the new emoji and promoting a design for them; The design that manufacturers and developers adapt to their way, as we already know. In his eagerness to complete the list of emotions, characters, objects … from the emoji list, Unicode already has the beta version 11 of its standard for 2018 . And there are 130 new additions.

There will be more emoji representing people and parts of anatomy

Unicode places particular emphasis on the people representation with the 11 beta version of its standard for emoji. In this way, we will have representations of men and women with red hair with different skin tones, also men and women with gray hair, with "Afro" hair … Even bald. Saying that a person who only uses emojis will be easier than ever.

In addition to people, Unicode also features different parts of the anatomy . Legs, feet, hair, a bone and also a tooth. What are you going to the dentist? The emoji of the tooth. Did you visit a Stone Age exhibit? The bone is good for you.

Animals and fruits also expand with beta 11 of emoji . Llamas, parrots, swans, kangaroos, mangoes, lobsters … We will even have a mosquito to catch the summer afternoons.

Completing the collection of new emoji, there are some objects like the scooter, the teddy bear, a suitcase, a rocket, a delicious cupcake, DNA … This entire collection is currently in beta for developers So we'll take a long time to see it officially.

Unicode will ratify in January the final list of new emoji for 2018

 130 new Emoji for 2018: the beta adds superheroes, manga ... "</p>
<p> The 130 new emoji are not yet definitive, as some may be removed from the list. It is even possible that new ones will be added in view of <strong> ratification of definitive ones in January 2018 </strong>. Then, Unicode will display all the emoji accepted in March of the same year; and will arrive at devices in the second half of 2018. </p>
<p> You can access the complete list of candidates on <a href= this link to Unicode . How will each manufacturer and developer interpret them? In his own way, of course.


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