The biggest problem of Instagram and Facebook is its optimization

The biggest problem of Instagram and Facebook is its optimization


Applications are the basis of smartphones. Without them, we would not do most of the activities we do with our phones, so it's critical that they do well.

We might think that when it comes to software applications, programs, the better the code, the more fluid applications will go, the more resources the company has, the better it will be designed and the more users will be more careful when they are responsible. to start and update them. But do not need be like that.

Last week, I used a cell phone with some tight technical features, but many of them are normal for many users. I used games, social networks or productivity applications, but those that gave me the most trouble were two of those belonging to Mark Zuckerberg's company .


Applications that require a lot of resources

One of the main disadvantages is that applications are quite demanding . Both Instagram and Facebook are applications that behave particularly slowly when browsing or displaying content.

It is especially bleeding in the case of Facebook and sometimes it seems that it is not able to access the data network, mobile devices or Wifi, to show the content well.

Caché at mansalva

The size of these applications is not particularly high, but as soon as their cache comes into play, the space required to store information is triggered .

 The biggest problem of Instagram and Facebook is its null optimization </p>
<p> On Facebook, especially, it is a worrying storage that may require and usually fills the memory of cell phones that do not have large amounts of ROM. </p>
<h2> Squeezing the data rates </h2>
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