The BlackBerry Priv remains without update for Android 7 Nougat

The BlackBerry Priv remains without update for Android 7 Nougat


The BlackBerry Priv was a revolution in the catalog of one of the smartphone pioneers: it finally brought to market a native Android phone. Now, the cell phone is almost obsolete.

Updates continue to divide manufacturers as well as users. Can you recommend a mobile phone whose manufacturer does not struggle to upgrade? This is what happened to the BlackBerry Priv a high-end cell phone that stayed in Android Marshmallow, although it has not yet reached the age of 2.

BlackBerry has confirmed the bad news for Priv owners and by giving a spoonful of sugar to future holders of a BlackBerry KeyOne: their owners will get Android 8 Oreo . A rather strange attitude for a catalog of cell phones that, on the other hand, is very small.

BlackBerry bet almost exclusively on KeyOne


In an interview with the BlackBerry Mobile Solutions Manager, Alex Thurber this has confirmed the bad news for BlackBerry Privates holders: they will not receive updates from Android; without going into monthly security. It's a shame because it's a high-end device that was anchored in a system two years ago, something very reprehensible.

Other phones besides KeyOne, DTEK D50 and D60, are not guaranteed to update Android 8 Oreo contrary to the last KeyOne. This cell phone, featured in MWC 2017 in Barcelona, ​​has not yet been distributed in all markets, but already has the development of the update for Android 8.

Although it continues to develop smartphones under the BlackBerry, the current TCL company has little to do with the cellphone that has elevated it to fame. The BlackBerry itself maintains its business and communication services, which are the main source of benefits.


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