The dual camera should get ahead of the cell phones?

The dual camera should get ahead of the cell phones?


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The dual camera should get ahead of the cell phones?


Last year, we saw that a new fashion, the one of the double cameras, was beginning. Each manufacturer with its implementation began implementing different dual-camera configurations, to the point that many started playing around with the possibility that brands gave way to triple-camera configurations (even if jokes, Qualcomm is working on it).

One question that many are beginning to ask is whether manufacturers should continue the dual camera trend in front of the handset. It may sound silly, but to many, the front camera is even more important than the rear. Nokia has already played with it, offering us a way to combine the images of the front and rear camera. What benefits would we have in a dual front camera?

Better and safer facial recognition

Facial unlocking takes years between us as a safety method, although it has been ruled out in favor of the fingerprint reader, much more reliable and difficult to deceive

However, facial recognition seems to be regaining strength in recent months and while systems like Galaxy Note 8 seem harder to fool, it would be nice to have an almost as reliable option mid-range. The dual camera could give us that extra security.

The blur fashion, also in the selfies

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<p> However, we believe that the <em> bokeh </em> or blur effect would be the key factor in adding a second camera to the front. Manufacturers like Huawei are beginning to integrate a <em> Portrait mode </em> into <em> selfies </em> in which they blur everything that is not our face and also apply us a kind of <em> beauty effect </em>. </p>
<p> On paper is something that is great (and we almost see that the portrait mode makes more sense in the front camera), <strong> but in practice it is a disaster </strong> that almost never reaches. And that's because the cell phone has no information on what's in the foreground and what's not. </p>
<h3> Is it worth it? </h3>
<p> <em> Now it's your turn to respond and tell us if you think the dual camera has even more meaning on the front than on the back of the phone.</p>
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Is it a good idea to have a cell phone with a dual front camera?


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