The future design of Sony's mobile phones is seen in two leaks

The future design of Sony's mobile phones is seen in two leaks


Reducing the edges in front of mobile phones has been evident in 2017. The trend that began with Xiaomi's bold proposal with Xiaomi Mi MIX has conquered almost all manufacturers.

However, there is one that far from increasing the aspect ratio of the front of their phones made the frames their trademark: Sony.

The Japanese company continued to focus on the design Omnibalance that it has been using for many years. It is true that he renewed it subtle on some occasions, but still the feeling of outdatedness has not disappeared.


We recently looked at the Sony Xperia XA1 Plus possibly the greatest exponent of this situation and although it is true that day to day did not care about the use in hand the overall size of the mobile was I've seen involved.

New designs for 2018

We already knew that Sony had given the arm to cheer and that in 2018 would radically change its design and now we can see in two images where it looks like it is going.

Both photos show the designs that will be used by next year's models, the two being different, although they have a double rear camera, something we have not seen in this company so far.

One of them has the metallic back finish, the one on the left side, while the other appears to be finished in glass, but with two semi-circular serigraphs on the top and bottom that give it its own identity.

 The future design of Sony cell phones is seen in two leaks. </p>
<p> The model on the right also differs from what has been seen so far in that it has the fingerprint sensor in the rear area, while the one on the left side will certainly keep it side by side as is typical of Sony, rather than bet on sensor traces under the screen as they comment some media. </p>
<p> As already rumored it would seem that Sony would bet on <strong> 5.7-inch screens and 4K resolution, up to 6GB of RAM on some models </strong> and Snapdragon 835 for terminals presented earlier in the year but later would be the <a href= Snapdragon 845 the chosen one.

As always, we have to take these leaks with care because they look very realistic to be the first to see these two models.


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