The game of logic that shines with the light itself is called...

The game of logic that shines with the light itself is called Light House


A headlight, bulbs, electric lines, we throw on a shaker and adhere with a few drops of puzzles, we shake and … Welcome to Light House.

Logic games on Android, a genre that is from the beginning of our green operating system. There are options that can occur for us and beyond.

However, there are developers who achieve this point of distinction, giving us a different, elegant game and that will offer us quite creative challenges. Today we are talking about the game Light House of the study Banana Development .

Light House

Another puzzle game that saturates the genre in the Play Store, is perhaps the first thought of many when reading these lines. And you can not be more wrong since our protagonist's proposal has its own light.

Run for the first time Light House will take us to the game, no shows, no performances, no need for fact. What we will find is a brief explanation on the mechanics of the game .

One of the attractions of the game is precisely in the elements on which it is based, headlights, lamps and other electrical elements . They fit together and play a well-developed role in the gaming experience.

Graphically elegant

Let's not look for hyper-realistic stridencies or graphics, nothing further from Light House's visual appeal. The developers put us before an isometric view reminiscent of something of pixel style and simple lines .

Visual simplicity, in addition to pleasing eyes, makes gaming experience enjoyable. The animations are simple, but they help in the atmosphere of a game of this genre.

The entire design is made by and for player concentration . Focus on future challenges without any kind of stridency.

Simplicity and minimalism are the visual signs of Light House

A minimalist sound section

If in the visual the game shows a simplicity well used, in the sonorous it continues in the same line. We enjoy a soundtrack almost imperceptible that accompanies us in the background.

The sound effects are counted and well used . The sound of a switch, a buzzer here or a crash there, is the basis on which Light House sits. Do not need more or lack of anything less.

Graphics and sound, a whole that complements perfectly

Uncomplicated controls

Our protagonist does not use complicated controls, nor does he put us in the face of a challenge when enjoying his games. Use a basic touch control to click at the right time and place.

That does not make you cheat, simple control does not mean you can play in a relaxed way. Since an important point on which the gaming experience is based is in coordination . Otherwise, we will use the reset button instead of

Press, slide and place objects in the right place. A simple challenge?

The gameplay made a challenge

This is a logic game, it should not be too much. We just have to solve puzzles and that's it. Game and something else … Error, dear reader.

Light House is a game that will persuade little by little letting itself play under a false appearance of simplicity. However, little by little we are involved in challenges that increase difficulty without realizing

In each "package" of levels, at the beginning we will have a brief explanation of the new mechanics of the game that is being introduced as we go forward. And as we said before, coordination is a basic point of the game experience.

We usually use the initial reset button, because we will have to study well the movements proposed by the level that we face. Pressing too hard or too early, putting an object in the wrong time or place … will lead us to despair.

Although I do not speak of a despair when abandoning the game and uninstalling it, no. The game takes you to the limit to make you think before you play any part.

Observe, think and execute. The fundamentals of an excellent gaming experience


Light House, is one of those games that under a simplicity and minimalism, hides a gameplay that is proof of boredom . The game is free and there are no ads that appear at any time.

The only payment will be for the impatient whenever you want to unlock the next "package" of levels without unlocking it by playing . Our experience has not made it necessary at any time to think about this option.

It is a game that allows you to play, putting you to the limit sometimes and when you stop playing … continue playing mentally . It hides this "effect" from staying in our head, reviewing what we must do to overcome the puzzle.

So whether you are a lover of the genre or are looking for a game that fills your leisure holes. All of the above should give you a try and remember … you should have the lamp on.



Requires Android 4.1 and above


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